What braces?

Yes, that is what people will say when you tell them you are wearing braces, if you choose one of the many discreet options on offer.

The advancement of braces over the past two decades is huge. If you were walking down the street, looking for people wearing braces in Milton Keynes, you would think that the number of users has declined. It is because there are so many different options for hidden braces that you would be inclined to believe the numbers have dropped.

bracesAt Northlight Dental we offer a range of braces in Milton Keynes that will also go unnoticed. Hidden braces can realign your teeth as proficiently and quickly as traditional braces but are virtually impossible to see.

How do I know what braces will work for me?

When you come in for your initial consultation we will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, the position in which they are aligned and how their current functionality is performing. We will then explain which treatments will be best for completing the realignment of your teeth.

The length of time treatment will take and whether you can use an aligner or have a fixed brace all depends on the outcome of this examination. We strongly believe that our patients should be fully aware and understand all the details of the procedure prior to any work being commenced. This is why our dentists are always happy to take the extra time to talk you through the details and listen to your concerns or fears.

The braces in Milton Keynes we have to offer are:

  • Invisalign: these are a set of see-through plastic removable aligners created specifically for your mouth. They are worn over the teeth so they apply a constant pressure that, over time, moves your teeth into the desired position;
  • Discreet fixed braces: these braces use small, translucent brackets and a thin delicate wire and so are as the name suggests, discreet as fixed, front-facing braces can be. They blend into your teeth rather than stand out from them;
  • Lingual fixed braces: the brackets on these braces are fixed behind your teeth so they are almost impossible to see.

After the emergency appointment

So, there you were, face down on the ground with your front teeth on the ground too, but no longer in your mouth, and in bits. There was no way any dentist would be able to put those back in, and so now you have a big gap. You are young. You don’t want to be fiddling around with removable false teeth or having your lovely young teeth on either side of the gap ground down to support a fixed bridge. What are you going to do?

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesThankfully, you live in the 21st century and dental implants in Milton Keynes are available from us at Northlight Dental. In fact, our implant surgeon, Dr Sunil Passan, has plenty of experience in fitting dental implants in Milton Keynes.

Dr Passan graduated as a dentist in 2001, and has obtained further advanced qualifications in the field of dental implants, so you are in safe hands with him.

Being young, you probably don’t know much about dental implants. So, let’s take a quick look at them.

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts or screws that Dr Passan inserts into your jawbone. After the implants are inserted, they integrate with the jawbone over a number of weeks. Once that’s happened, your implants will be held in place as securely as if they were your natural teeth. The crown is made from dental porcelain. If you have a good picture of your teeth, they can be recreated from that, or from an impression if you have one. If not, they will be made to blend with your remaining teeth and no one will know they are not yours.

You may need to replace the crowns after a good few years, but, if you take good care of them, the implants in your jawbone can last for a very long time, maybe even the rest of your life.

So, don’t despair, dental implants in Milton Keynes will make it seem as if that face plant never happened.

Choice of braces in Milton Keynes

Getting your teeth straightened is a big commitment. It involves months of treatment and discipline on your part, and is a big investment for most people in terms of cost. So, you want to know that the benefits are going to be worth it. At Northlight Dental, we have seen time and again how treatment with braces in Milton Keynes can change our patients’ lives.

Even if your teeth are just a bit out of line, having them straightened with braces in Milton Keynes can make a huge difference to how you look, and how you feel about how you look.

Braces in Milton KeynesOne area in which there has been a lot of research and development in the last couple of decades is braces, and there is a now a wide range of devices that can be used to deal with every kind of misalignment issue, from the simple to the very complex.

Braces in Milton Keynes are no longer the preserve of teenagers; more and more adults are using them to correct misalignments that were not fixed when they were younger, or correct teeth that once had braces treatment but have since drifted out of their correct positions.

Here at Northlight Dental, we have a dentist who has postgraduate training in teeth straightening. Dr Neha Passan did her training at Barts and the Royal London Hospital. Dr Passan can help not only with bite realignment but also with more cosmetic issues. Adults with cosmetic realignment issues are interested in having a great smile, and not so much in wearing braces that will compromise their looks, even for a few months.

The dental industry has developed braces that are as discreet as possible to cater to this need for maintaining a professional image among adult braces patients. If you need discreet braces, you can choose between several different devices that feature clear ceramics and tooth-coloured wires, braces on the tongue side of the teeth rather than the outer surfaces, and clear aligners that snap on over the teeth like mouth guards. Not all discreet braces can correct all alignment issues. Dr Passan can guide you into making the right choice for your needs.

The key to being a healthy senior

If you are getting older, you are no doubt interested in making sure that you stay fit and healthy as you progress through your 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. You exercise and eat well, and keep your brain active, but what about your teeth? If you are starting to lose them, did you know that the best way to maintain your overall health is by using dental implants in Milton Keynes?

Yes, the method of tooth replacement that you choose has knock-on effects on your overall health, for a couple of different reasons. When you come to us at Northlight Dental for dental implants in Milton Keynes, we can talk you through the various benefits, but let’s take a quick look here too.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesNutrition

Teeth are there not only to look good, but also to prepare your food for digestion by mashing it into a swallowable paste that can then be broken down by the acids and enzymes in your stomach and intestines. If the food is not well enough chewed up, your digestive tract will not be able to extract all the nutrients from it. Dental implant supported crowns and prosthesis are a tooth replacement option that allows you to comfortably tackle even the chewiest and crunchiest of foods.

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These are often the foods that contain the most nutrients, such as raw vegetables, and protein-rich nuts and meats. As you age, you will need as many nutrients as ever to keep your body going and to replace cells that are wearing out.

Bone health

Dental implants replace the roots of your teeth, which play a vital role in maintaining the strength and density of your jawbone. When you no longer have tooth roots, the bone starts to dissolve itself. It shrinks and becomes spongey and causes the face to look collapsed. Only dental implants replace tooth roots, so if you choose dentures or a fixed bridge to replace lost teeth, you will be compromising the integrity of your jawbone.

To find out more about dental implants in Milton Keynes, why not book a consultation. We can answer all your questions and find out if you are a suitable candidate for implants.

Northlight’s Anne Powders

Hello, I am Anne and I have been working as your hygienist at Northlight for the past few years having met many of you. My role in this practice is to help you achieve and keep a healthy bright smile. Through a gentle and caring approach I adapt my treatments to your specific needs so ensuring your teeth

are strong and your gums kept in good health. This in turn benefits your general health and your confidence. In a caring and personal environment the team at Northlight help to create and maintain your perfect smile.

Through my clinical work in both private and NHS practices I have gained experience in the treatment of complex periodontal conditions. I received my Diploma in Dental Hygiene at Guys Hospital in London and then my BS in Dental Hygiene at the University Of Colorado USA. I later went on to graduate with Med through Boston University. My passion is to show you how a simple dental health plan along with my clinical skills can help to transform your gum health.

I have travelled in India and Africa and lived in the US and Belgium for a number of years. I grew up in India! I have an ongoing interest in using my professional skills and travel experience to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities across the world and regularly travel with dental teams overseas. Last year it was trekking the Himalaya’s to remote villages, and this year I will be in Sri Lanka where as a team we will provide basic pain relief, dental health education and prevention.

I have a busy family life with 3 grown sons moving their way into, through and beyond university into the working world. My interests include swimming, trekking, travel, culture, language and cooking and eating Indian food!

Straighten up

We always seem to be trying to look in order, from ironing our clothes and combing our hair, to cutting our nails and even cleaning our shoes. Well, we straighten up everything else about our person so why not our teeth?

Straightening our teeth does not have to be hard work, and it does not have to be advertised to the world either. Braces in Milton Keynes are on the rise and it is due to the fact that there are so many options available to people who want to have their ideal smile.

Braces in Milton KeynesWhat do braces effectively do

In Milton Keynes, braces are a way of correcting crooked, gappy or crowded teeth. If you have an overbite, underbite or even tilted inwards or outwards teeth, braces can help.

What can I choose from

At Northlight Dental, we can first offer fixed braces. These are small square brackets that are glued onto the front of the teeth. These can be made from metal, which gives a more traditional, or perhaps even retro, feel to the braces; or they can be made from a tooth-coloured ceramic, which is a better option for those who want more discretion. These brackets are then held together by a thin wire and bands, which slowly pull your teeth into the desire position. The bands can either come in a variety of bright exciting colours or just plain clear.

Lingual braces in Milton Keynes are another way of straightening your teeth, but even more discreet than the fixed braces. These brackets are in fact bonded to the inside of your teeth so no one will be able to know, unless you wanted them to.

And lastly, we offer the Invisalign braces. A nearly invisible removable aligner which is made from clear plastic and custom-made to fit your mouth. When worn, it applies constant pressure, so slowly but surely your teeth will align into the final perfect position. This is removable for eating or your dental hygiene routine or for other special occasions, but it is most effective when worn for the advised 20-22 hours per day.

We will help you smile again

At Northlight Dental, we love making our patients smile. We understand that problems such as missing teeth or perhaps being afraid to go to the dentist generally are real and everyday issues for many people.

At our dental practice in Milton Keynes, dental implants are an exciting and innovative new way to replace missing teeth, though they have been around long enough to be tried, trusted and a real favourite in the dental profession. They are a safe a reliable way to replace missing teeth, with a long-lasting effect – as well as being natural looking and feeling. Many of our patients even forget the tooth is not real. In Milton Keynes, dental implants are provided in a cost-effective way, with finance plans available, making high quality treatment more affordable than ever.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesWe take our service seriously

We don’t believe in the ‘hard sell’. We believe in matching tried and tested treatments to each individual patient, considering their social and medical history. We use the highest quality equipment and the latest technology. We are constantly researching worldwide to ensure the treatments we offer are at the top of the game. All treatments are administered by our highly trained staff, all of whom do continuous professional development training too.

But I’m nervous…

Don’t worry, at Northlight Dental you are in the safe hands of experienced and dedicated staff. Nervous dental patients are very common. In order to ease your nerves, we offer an array of services, including intravenous dental sedation for your dental implants in Milton Keynes. Sunil is a fully trained sedationist and has many years of experience treating our anxious and phobic patients. In fact, the overall experience of dental implants in Milton Keynes can be a lot more pleasant than you may imagine here at Northlight Dental.

Talk to us today

Have we piqued your interest? If you are interested in superior quality dental implants in Milton Keynes, why not try Northlight Dental and book in your first consultation today.

Let us tell you straight…

At Northlight Dental, we understand that undertaking any form of cosmetic dentistry can be a big deal. Here at our dental practice in Milton Keynes, braces are very popular with our patients.

Our practice

Our state-of-the-art practice uses the very latest advances in dental technology. We provide a wide range of procedures, including general, preventive and cosmetic dentistry – everything to help you get the happy smile you deserve.

Braces in Milton KeynesWe pride ourselves on having a modern, yet classic and comfortable dental practice, where you get the extra special treatment required you make every visit as pleasant as possible.

You are special to us

Northlight Dental understands that all patients have individual needs, depending on their prior worries or concerns, their medical history and their dental requirements. We make sure that our assessment procedure is thorough. We only ever offer evidence-based, tried and tested treatments, performed by our highly trained staff, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands for your braces in Milton Keynes.


The name stems from its clear nature; so these braces are practically invisible. You don’t need to tell anyone you are wearing braces if you don’t want to. They are also fully removable. The Invisalign process works by wearing several removeable aligners that are replaced every 7-10 days to gradually and gently move the teeth into place.

Misaligned teeth can cause real damage to personal confidence. Having a crooked smile or overlapping teeth can prevent you from having the smile you would like to have. Perhaps it is time to fix this and consider having braces in Milton Keynes?

What comes to mind when you think of braces? That historical image of thick, metal ‘train tracks’, spitting whilst talking, problems when eating and speaking? What used to be the necessary evil in getting straighter teeth has now thankfully been left in the past, where it belongs.

Invisalign braces in Milton Keynes boast a multitude of significant benefits. For starters, they are wire-free. Daily care is not a problem, you can simply remove the braces and brush and floss daily as normal.

Northlight’s Hygienist Isla Baxter

Hi, I am Isla and I have been working as a dental hygienist with the Northlight team since October 2016.  I live in Northamptonshire with my husband and two children, who keep me very busy!  I enjoy coming to work as not only do I love my role in helping people improve their dental health BUT it is a break from the madhouse that is my home!!

I started my dental career working as a dental nurse for the British Army whilst living in Germany.  When I moved back to England I took a position working with the British Dental Health Foundation charity, manning a dental help line answering all sorts of dental enquiries.  I was also working with a team who were responsible for creating and updating the BDHF “tell me about” patient information leaflets, making dental ‘jargon’ easier for people to understand. Through my experience with the BDHF it became clear there was a real need for people to understand their treatment needs and options using language that is easily understood, thus ensuring they could make a true informed decision.

As much as I loved my time at the BDHF I missed working in a clinical setting and returned to dentistry after qualifying as a dental hygienist in 2004.  Within my first week I must have heard the expression,” I hate the dentist” at least 10 times and I had never even met the patient before.  This really bothered me!  I want people to leave my sessions feeling positive, in control and that it has been worth their time. Certainly NOT fear or dread coming back. I want patients to feel that they could ask me anything, to feel that they are treated as an equal and not just a mouth!

I like to keep my sessions very informal. I encourage conversation to make patients feel at ease to help lessen any anxiety. I want patients to feel that they can ask me anything, to feel that they are treated as an equal and not just a mouth!  I always try to explain what I am doing, why I feel it is necessary and the possible outcomes, so that my patients come away feeling that they have been given the information that they need, and that they feel the treatment brings value to their health.


What’s not to love?

If you spend all day working with people’s teeth, you get to know what people are going for more and more, and what we’ve noticed over the past few years is that people are choosing dental implants to replace any teeth they have lost. It makes sense really, even though dental implants in Milton Keynes may seem more expensive than other types of tooth replacement.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesAt Northlight Dental, we think dental implants in Milton Keynes are definitely the way to go, and so do our patients. So, if you are the point of needing to replace a tooth, or several, or maybe even all of your teeth, then it really is worth considering investing the extra expense. The reason why is because dental implants will give you back the full functionality of your teeth.

You may not be able to appreciate how important this is if you have not had to live with the hassle of dentures that don’t fit right and won’t let you eat the lovely crunchy, chewy foods you used to enjoy. Or, if you have had to suffer the loss of two perfectly healthy, decent teeth in order to fit a bridge with false teeth on. It’s bad enough having to say goodbye when teeth fail, let alone having to deal with the loss of strong good ones too.

In Milton Keynes, dental implants avoid the hassle, slippages, embarrassment and extra maintenance that can come with other forms of tooth replacement. Instead, they give you strong teeth that are firmly anchored into your jawbone just like your natural teeth, allowing you to eat whatever you like, and talk and laugh without having to worry about whether your teeth are about to make a fool of you.

Ask around among your friends, you will be amazed how many of them have sneaked off to the dentist and been fitted with dental implants. Do a straw poll among them and see if they think getting dental implants has been worth the investment. We bet you will find that nearly every single one of them thinks it is money well spent.