Dental Implants in Milton Keynes

Missing teeth do not only affect the function of your dental system; these may affect your facial aesthetics in ways you have not considered, as well. Without teeth, the stimulation of your jawbone will not be facilitated. This in turn may lead to the collapse of the facial contours, a factor that will make you look old.

Solutions like bridges and dentures are often the first options. If you are looking for a procedure that offers lasting benefits, be sure to consult our dental implants in Milton Keynes.

We offer dental implants here at Northlight Dental. Essentially, implants are substitute for a natural tooth root. These are usually made of titanium and are placed into a socket meticulously created at the location of the intended tooth.

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A Long-Term Solution

Dental implants provide the most stable and reliable support for artificial teeth. Once we have fastened the implants, the bone will grow directly onto the surface, providing a firm hold for your crown, bridge and even denture.

Replacing missing tooth can affect the adjacent areas within your mouth. For instance, the adjacent teeth will have to double their work to compensate for the lost tooth. As a result, the jawbone recedes once the amount of stimulation, which is important for bone growth, has changed.

Bringing Back Confidence

The ultimate benefit of dental implants treatment in Milton Keynes is that these help bring back your confidence. You no longer have to be conscious about smiling. Eating and speaking will not be hard work anymore. Without these common insecurities, you can enjoy life without worry.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is essentially a substitute for a natural tooth root. They are made from titanium and are placed into a socket carefully created at the location of the intended tooth. Once the implant has been placed, bone will grow directly onto its surface, providing the foundation for long term stability. Following a period of healing, the implant can then be used to support a crown, bridge or even a denture.

Dental implants in Milton Keynes

If you have a tooth that needs to be removed, an implant can be placed straight after the tooth is extracted. And, if you are worried that you will be left with a space, often we are able to fit a temporary crown onto the implant on the same day. This means you will walk out the practice with a new tooth in position.

Frequently Asked Questions
I've lost a tooth! Now what?

The loss of a tooth or multiple teeth can not only be distressing but can have long term implications for the health of your mouth.

If a front tooth has been lost or needs removal then for most people its replacement will be a priority. A visible gap when you flash a smile or are talking is far from ideal!

A missing back tooth can cause other problems. These include the reduction in the ability to chew efficiently on that side of your mouth and the risk of the adjacent teeth drifting and moving into the space. This can have detrimental effects on the stability of your bite in the long term.

Nowadays we are fortunate in that we can offer our patients a number of options when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Dentures are relatively inexpensive however need to be removed for cleaning and when you sleep. Some patients struggle with this and also find that dentures are not comfortable to wear. They may also impede speech and reduce the enjoyment of eating.

Bridges offer the advantage of being 'fixed' in the mouth and can look very natural. However they often require the teeth adjacent to the gap to be reduced in size by drilling to allow the bridge to fit correctly. This destruction of often completely healthy teeth is best avoided if possible as it can have long term implications.

Dental implants are the most modern method of replacing teeth, although they have been around for a number of decades now. They can provide a fixed replacement option that looks and feels great and is the next best thing to a natural tooth.

So What is a Dental Implant?

Put simply, dental implants are tiny titanium screws (normally less than 1cm long) that are gently inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth.

The amazing thing is that bone will grow directly onto the titanium surface and this super strong connection allows us to use implants predictably to support a replacement tooth crown, multiple crowns and even all your missing teeth.

Does it Hurt?

The procedure is usually less painful than having a tooth removed. The implant is placed very carefully and you only need a local anaesthetic to numb the surrounding area.

If you are slightly more anxious then the treatment can be carried out using conscious sedation. This is an extremely safe way of making you feel very relaxed during the treatment and afterwards you remember little of the procedure.

After the surgery usually only simple painkillers are required for 1-2 days and most patients having a single implant placed are able to return to work the next day.

How Long Do Implants Last?

If you are fit and healthy, don't smoke and correctly maintain your implant it could last a lifetime. The success rates for dental implants are exceptionally high (over 98% over the first 10 years) but we do recommend that you see us and your hygienist regularly to make sure it is being looked after the right way.

The prosthesis (the 'tooth bit' of the implant) may eventually wear and need replacement but this is usually after a number of years and is much cheaper than the initial implant treatment.

How long does the Treatment Take?

The exact treatment that you will require does vary depending on your clinical circumstance. However the usual timeline is something like the following:

  • Phase 1: This is where we get to know you and your specific needs. We carefully analyse your specific clinical circumstances and work out the best way to proceed. Usually x-rays, models and photographs and taken to help us provide an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plan.
  • Phase 2: This is the 'surgical phase' and involves the placement of the implant, the removal of stitches a few days later. The implant is then allowed to heal and the surrounding bone fuses to it, a process that normally takes 3 months. We sometimes 'bury' the implant under the gum to protect it during the healing phase. If this is case a second very minor surgical procedure is required to allow us to access the implant.
  • Phase 3: This part of the treatment is a bit like having a conventional crown made. We take impressions of your mouth that are sent to a laboratory for the construction of your tooth or teeth.
  • Phase 4: This is where we review your new tooth or teeth and make sure everything is going well.

If you have a tooth that needs to be removed, an implant can be placed straight after the tooth is extracted. And, if you are worried that you will be left with a space, often we are able to fit a temporary crown onto the implant on the same day. This means you will walk out the practice with a new tooth in position.

You will of course be provided with much more information regarding your options at your consultation visit.

This All Sounds Expensive, is it worth it?

The initial cost of an implant is more than for example a denture or a bridge. However it is important to remember that what you are getting is a replacement which looks and feels like a natural tooth. There is no damage to the adjacent teeth and after a few days following the completion of treatment most patients actually forget which tooth is the implant!

Also, as implants usually last longer than the other replacement options available, in the longer term your overall investment will go much further. We also offer a range of financing options (many with 0% interest) to help you get the treatment you want.

It is also important to remember than the placement of implants is not 'everyday' dentistry and our team have received additional training to allow us to provide this amazing treatment option to our patients. We take pride in providing the best treatment possible to our patients. We only use superior quality implants with excellent long-term success rates and backed by extensive research.

So What Next?

If you have any further questions please give our team at the practice a call and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Alternatively why not book a free consultation with our treatment coordinators or a low cost initial consultation with Dr Passan to discuss your options further.


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