A Good Dental Practice Prioritises Communication

Northlight Dental believes that effective dentistry relies on extensive knowledge about the science and philosophy of dental health, and just as importantly, on effective communication. In order to deliver the best dental care, dentists from all specialisations and fields should be able to connect with their patients.

Making the Patients Feel At Home

nervousnessMost of your time with the dentist, and most of our time with you are spent communicating. We, as dental care providers, take this time to explain all that the patient needs to know about their condition and how to improve it.

To achieve this level of communication, we make the patients feel welcome and at home, even on their first visit. While building their confidence of our judgment and services, it eases whatever fear they have of what may occur.

Talking With Patients, Not To Them

Patient-to-dentist communication is a two-way process that values the dentist’s ideas as much as it does the patient’s. When we deal with our patients, we make sure we get a feedback before going on with the course of treatment. It is important that we know they feel comfortable with any intervention we perform and we have their permission to proceed with the treatment.

The advantage is that we can address constructively any doubt and apprehension playing in the patient’s mind, which would not have been voiced out otherwise.

Being As Transparent As Possible

We understand that patients have a different pain threshold. We respect this by honestly discussing the pain and discomfort involved in the treatment and how we can minimise it. We also explain the issues that may occur, the period of treatment and the necessary maintenance.

The more patients know about the situation at hand, the less frightened they are when anticipating what may take place. If they feel as though they can approach us any time with any concern, a huge part of the nervousness and anxiety will disappear.

As we educate them in this manner, there will be no room for second thoughts and unwanted surprises. With this approach, we can assure our patients that our treatments’ results can meet the expectations we have agreed upon. For dental services that prioritise your needs through open communication, contact Northlight Dental today.