Are braces in Milton Keynes right for me?

Braces are a necessary treatment for those with crooked teeth, due to their poor alignment posing health risks. All the time the teeth are not correctly aligned, the teeth will not be working the way they are meant to and will cause stress on the wrong areas. If you are searching for braces in Milton Keynes, then we will provide guidance on the multiple solutions and treatments available. We will be able to fix any form of misalignment, from just a small adjustment, to severely crooked teeth.

Braces in Milton Keynes

Are braces available for aesthetic purposes?

As mentioned, our braces are available for multiple purposes. In more extreme cases, wire braces are necessary, as other methods may not be as effective for restoring proper teeth alignment. However, if you are looking simply to improve the look of your teeth, or don’t like your smile, there are some alternative options.

Lingual Braces

Working in a similar way to regular fixed braces, lingual braces fit on the inside of the teeth, so they can reap the same benefits of fixed braces, but remain invisible. The braces are fitted using modern technology, to ensure that the brace is fitted correctly. If you are looking for lingual braces in Milton Keynes, then we recommend these to you as an option.

Fixed Tooth Coloured Braces

While fixed braces might not be the most desirable option in terms of aesthetics, particularly for adults, we have an option which can alleviate that anxiety. Our fixed coloured braces work the same way, but have been coloured to camouflage the enamel. The translucent braces will be just as effective as the fixed braces but will not be as much of a contrast against your natural tooth colour.


Invisible braces work by first producing a 3D projection of what your teeth should look like after treatment. Then a series of plastic moulds are custom built, in order to gradually adjust the teeth towards the initial 3D projection. The benefit of this brace is that it can be removed easily and is practically invisible due to the translucent plastic used for it. Due to this, you are free to eat and drink freely, without being concerned about damaging the corrections, or about any damage to the gums, which can be an issue with newly fitted metal braces.

If you are interested in braces in Milton Keynes, then simply contact us and ask what options are available, and what results you expect from your treatment, and we can subsequently advise you on how to book a free consultation. While each brace has its pros and cons, which we want you to be aware of, we will advise you on the best solution to achieve the results you want, and the smile you desire.