Are you considering getting braces on your adult teeth? Five things you need to know about this common orthodontic procedure

As a child, the thought of wearing an aligner was unthinkable!

As an adult, that decision can make you wish you had access to a time machine. Having crooked, spaced or gapped teeth in the adult world can have a really negative impact on your confidence, and mental health and can also be a precursor to dental hygiene issues further along.


While it is normal to be nervous when thinking about undertaking any orthodontic treatments, remember that adult braces in Milton Keynes are becoming more common and as technology has advanced, so have the options available.

When you come to Northlight Dental, our team will help you get that straighter smile you deserve with braces in Milton Keynes. Our dentists will assess which type of aligner will be the most beneficial to help straighten your teeth and which one can achieve your dazzling smile in the fastest time possible!

It is said that knowledge is power, so here are the five things you need to know about having braces in Milton Keynes as an adult.

First assessment

First and foremost, when you come to Northlight Dental to discuss having an aligner as an adult, our dentists will assess your mouth.

If you have any pre-existing issues, like gum disease, tooth decay or need an extraction, we will of course, need to treat these issues before we proceed with treatment.

Past aligners

It can feel like a bit of a sore point when you spent your teenage years wearing an orthodontic aligner, to have to then wear a new aligner as an adult.

Not to worry though; even if you have worn an aligner in the past, you can still wear one as an adult and it is likely, you won’t need to wear a fitted one this time round!


Worried about drawing unwanted attention with your treatment?

Depending on the severity of your misalignment, our dental team may conclude that you are a candidate for invisible or clear aligners. These different types are more discreet to the naked eye and invisible aligners are often removable!

Treatment times

We all remember that one child at school who seemed to be wearing their metal aligner year after year and of course, as an adult, who has that kind of time to spare?

With clear and invisible aligners, the average treatment time is between six to fifteen months, so you can have that straighter smile in no time at all.

Lifestyle friendly

If you have worn an orthodontic aligner before, you probably remember all the restrictions around food and the strict cleaning regime.

With clear or invisible aligners, you will not need to avoid any food, you may not require additional hygienist appointments and with invisible aligners, you can just remove them to clean your teeth and then put them back in afterwards! However do please remember to clean your aligners too!