Becky’s Invisalign Journey May 2019

Hi everyone, I know it has been quite a while since my last blog, but there wasn’t much that happened between Aligner 13 to 19. But today I am due to have the gap between my two upper front teeth made wider,so that my front protruding teeth can be ‘pulled back’. This blog will outline the procedure, which is sometimes necessary to create more space for teeth to move into their corrected position.

With the expertise of Dr Neha Passan, I will try to explain the procedure, called interproximal reduction (IPR), or sometimes called ‘IDS’ (interdental stripping), using the pictures to the left.

Picture 1 – This how my teeth look before having the IPR done. You can see that there is no space between the teeth.

Firstly a rubber wedge is placed between the teeth to help gently push the teeth apart ever so slightly.

A small file is used to help create some space, by filling less than 0.25mm of my crowns. It is completely painless.

Then a rotary water instrument is used to widen the gap slightly, until the correct amount of tooth is removed. In my case this was 0.5mm.

The space is measured throughout this procedure as shown in picture to the left. This small gauge allows Neha to measure the space accurately.

As you can see from picture 1 to the 6th picture the space is now visible. This space will help to push my teeth back further and help close the gaps at the side of my mouth.

The last picture shows me with my new aligners. I have been given my next 3 aligners and will see Neha to see how I am getting on in a few weeks.

I cannot believe the difference having the Invisalign treatment has made to my life. I am no longer embarrassed and I feel more confident in my appearance. I recently got married and even though I have not yet finished my treatment, I was still be able to smile with confidence. You couldn’t even tell I was wearing my retainers on the day.

If you would like to discuss Invisalign or thinking of having braces please give us a call on 09108584461. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to help.

See you in a few weeks.