Braces for better smiles

Here at Northlight Dental we offer modern teeth straightening with braces in Milton Keynes. If you have irregularities in the alignment of your teeth, whether it’s crowding, gaps, leaning too far in or out, or just a little twisting, braces in Milton Keynes can fix the problem.

Look great, feel healthy

Braces are great for improving the look and health of your smile. Having a set of straight teeth can help with your oral hygiene as straighter teeth are easier to clean. Investing in teeth straightening treatment with braces in Milton Keynes can help keep your teeth in good shape for longer.

Braces in Milton KeynesBraces at any age to fit your lifestyle

Braces can be used by children and adults alike. If you are an adult who would like their teeth to be straighter but don’t want to sport the ‘metal mouth’ look, we have a fantastic range of modern braces designed to fit in with your lifestyle more discreetly. These include fixed and removable options, some of which are tooth-coloured or clear.

Braces to help you feel your best

Having a beautiful smile represents happiness, confidence and success. The effects of a good-looking smile can be priceless in your private and professional life. Straightening your teeth with braces in Milton Keynes is one way to give your smile that extra boost.

Braces in Milton Keynes designed for you

Here at Northlight Dental, we offer a wide range of modern solutions to straighten your teeth. Each person is different. So when you come to visit us for a consultation, we will examine your teeth carefully and help you choose the right braces for your circumstances.

Our range of discreet braces

Fixed braces

Our modern fixed braces are made of tooth-coloured, low profile brackets and wires. The brackets are fixed onto your teeth. A smooth, thin wire is laced between them.

Lingual fixed braces

Similar to regular fixed braces, these are fixed to the backs of your teeth making them hard for onlookers to spot.


Invisalign aligners are almost invisible as they are made from clear plastic. They are also removable and discreet. They fit snugly over your teeth and guide them into straighter positions over around 12 months.