Braces in Milton Keynes for crooked teeth

If you don’t like the appearance of your smile because your teeth are overlapping or overly gapped, then we can help you to improve the overall health and well-being of your smile with braces in Milton Keynes.


Braces in Milton Keynes suit different needs and a dentist will be able to provide you with the many options that may be available for your personal situation. There are many different styles of teeth straightening devices available today, which means that there is bound to be a treatment that best suits you and your needs.

What are the different styles of devices available?

From traditional, fixed braces in Milton Keynes to the ever-popular Invisalign invisible, removable devices, you can choose between many different styles that will straighten your teeth quickly and effectively.

Some devices are more suitable for certain cases than others and your dentist will explain to you what they believe is the best course of action to take. Traditional devices are still commonly used for more complex cases and as the technology has advanced over the years, the length of time needed for most cases has considerably shortened to was expected several years ago.

Some of us feel that teeth straightening devices may impede on our business or social ventures. It may not be suitable in your employment role to sport visible or fixed devices and you may be worried that your time has passed to straighten your teeth.

Teenagers also worry about how they will look and it can be a huge pressure on their self- esteem should they require a device to straighten their teeth. Invisible, removable devices give them the freedom to feel confident throughout their teeth straightening journey with the option to take their aligners out during special occasions.

It is generally not recommended to be without your aligners for more than four hours during a single day, but for a special occasion, for a sporting activity or for eating, dentists allow their patients to enjoy a kind of freedom that is otherwise not available with other methods of teeth straightening.

This can make all the difference for an individual who is hesitant about straightening their teeth. Not only does a straighter smile look more aesthetically pleasing, but there are a lot of positive health benefits that come with a straighter smile as well.

What are these health benefits?

Crooked teeth can harbour bad bacteria, as hard to reach places allow for an accumulation of food debris. Plaque and tartar can also build up where teeth cross over or in between tightly packed teeth.

This accumulation of grime not only is the leading cause of cavities, but can also be the reason behind persistent and concerning bad breath.

Crooked teeth are also more susceptible to damage, as teeth that are not perfectly in line are more prone to cracks, chips, and breaks as well as other injuries such as split lips more often.

By seeking our professional help and determining the best plan of action to straighten your teeth, you will be able to enjoy a healthier and more beautiful smile.