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Northlight’s Anne Powders

Hello, I am Anne and I have been working as your hygienist at Northlight for the past few years having met many of you. My role in this practice is to help you achieve and keep a healthy bright smile. Through a gentle and caring approach I adapt my treatments to your specific needs so ensuring your teeth

are strong and your gums kept in good health. This in turn benefits your general health and your confidence. In a caring and personal environment the team at Northlight help to create and maintain your perfect smile.

Through my clinical work in both private and NHS practices I have gained experience in the treatment of complex periodontal conditions. I received my Diploma in Dental Hygiene at Guys Hospital in London and then my BS in Dental Hygiene at the University Of Colorado USA. I later went on to graduate with Med through Boston University. My passion is to show you how a simple dental health plan along with my clinical skills can help to transform your gum health.

I have travelled in India and Africa and lived in the US and Belgium for a number of years. I grew up in India! I have an ongoing interest in using my professional skills and travel experience to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities across the world and regularly travel with dental teams overseas. Last year it was trekking the Himalaya’s to remote villages, and this year I will be in Sri Lanka where as a team we will provide basic pain relief, dental health education and prevention.

I have a busy family life with 3 grown sons moving their way into, through and beyond university into the working world. My interests include swimming, trekking, travel, culture, language and cooking and eating Indian food!

Northlight’s Hygienist Isla Baxter

Hi, I am Isla and I have been working as a dental hygienist with the Northlight team since October 2016.  I live in Northamptonshire with my husband and two children, who keep me very busy!  I enjoy coming to work as not only do I love my role in helping people improve their dental health BUT it is a break from the madhouse that is my home!!

I started my dental career working as a dental nurse for the British Army whilst living in Germany.  When I moved back to England I took a position working with the British Dental Health Foundation charity, manning a dental help line answering all sorts of dental enquiries.  I was also working with a team who were responsible for creating and updating the BDHF “tell me about” patient information leaflets, making dental ‘jargon’ easier for people to understand. Through my experience with the BDHF it became clear there was a real need for people to understand their treatment needs and options using language that is easily understood, thus ensuring they could make a true informed decision.

As much as I loved my time at the BDHF I missed working in a clinical setting and returned to dentistry after qualifying as a dental hygienist in 2004.  Within my first week I must have heard the expression,” I hate the dentist” at least 10 times and I had never even met the patient before.  This really bothered me!  I want people to leave my sessions feeling positive, in control and that it has been worth their time. Certainly NOT fear or dread coming back. I want patients to feel that they could ask me anything, to feel that they are treated as an equal and not just a mouth!

I like to keep my sessions very informal. I encourage conversation to make patients feel at ease to help lessen any anxiety. I want patients to feel that they can ask me anything, to feel that they are treated as an equal and not just a mouth!  I always try to explain what I am doing, why I feel it is necessary and the possible outcomes, so that my patients come away feeling that they have been given the information that they need, and that they feel the treatment brings value to their health.


Charlotte on joining the Northlight Dental Team

I started working at Northlight Dental in November 2017. After a long career as a dancer and personal trainer I decided it was time to find a stable role within a company who strives to help people. And after travelling around the world and working with different people from various walks of life I came to realise where my real passion was, and that was to meet new people and help them in whichever way I could.

Since starting at Northlight Dental I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of our patients and assisting them however I can, whether it be simply booking an appointment or being a sense of reassurance that they are in the best hands. Whilst I was applying for roles the main thing I was looking for was a family environment with a close hard working team, which I am pleased to say I have most definitely found.

Starting the ‘Front of House’ role at Northlight has been nothing but positive, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to learn the way the company system works and how to correctly keep the reception organised, I have found it challenging but at the same time very rewarding.

I have been lucky to enough to receive wonderful training including an external training day where I have been taught how to calmly and correctly approach the role. I have now found myself working in a business that has an incredible vision to create the best experience for people seeking dental work which I am thoroughly enjoying.

I am excited for my future at Northlight Dental and want to thank the team for being so welcoming.