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A Bad Bite is the Reason You Snore

Snoring is both a good and a bad sign–it tells you of health issues you need to address. Unfortunately, it is something you cannot control. Stopping your snores will seem like stopping breathing altogether.

Orthodontists in Milton KeynesWhilst it is an involuntary reaction, there are ways to reduce if not eliminate the snores and other sleeping problems. One way to achieve that is by fixing your teeth. Understanding the relationship between teeth and snoring will give you an idea about the importance of having a good bite.

Bad teeth and snoring – what is the link?

Your snores may indicate that you have excessive overbite, a protrusion of the upper set of teeth over the lower. The bad bite pushes the jaw backwards, pinching the airway. The snoring sounds follow as the crowded throat tissues vibrate against each other. In worst cases, the crooked teeth interrupt your normal breathing as the air’s passageway is blocked completely, a disorder called obstructive sleep apnoea.

Certain factors further contribute to sleeping disorders for people with overbite. Obesity, aging, spirits or sedatives may produce more sounds during sleep. Studies and experience tell us that people who drink alcohol on a regular basis before bedtime are more likely to snore.

Your overbite may escalate to other problems, such as increasing your risk of developing high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack, and irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation. It is important to treat your bad bite early to prevent these issues.

Solving the snoring problem

Treatments vary depending on the severity of the bite and the snoring. Some dentists use mandibular advancement devices that hold the lower jaw slightly forward to prevent snoring. It helps you to breathe without sound, but it does not fix the overbite effectively. Apart from MAD, dentists use retainers or braces to align teeth. For extreme cases, surgery is the best but last option. Doctors strongly recommend a change of lifestyle for those with bad habits, as well.

The best way to stop your snores is by seeking advice from a specialist to know which treatment suits you. Orthodontists in Milton Keynes provide high quality dental treatments to correct your bite. We help keep your teeth straight to improve the appearance of your smile. Contact us for more information on orthodontics in Milton Keynes.

Genetics is a Contributing Factor in Crooked Teeth

In one episode of the American animated sitcom, The Simpsons, a dentist used The Big Book of British Smiles to scare children into practicing proper dental hygiene. Let us be honest, although British tea and good manners have an excellent reputation worldwide, British teeth are mostly used as a punch line in TV shows across the globe.

Milton Keynes orthodontistCrooked teeth, however, are far from being a problem exclusive to the British—the reality is that it is one of the most common dental problems worldwide.

Genetics is a Factor

A person’s oral health and the appearance of their teeth depends on a variety of factors, including their brushing routines, how many times they visit the dentist, and their preference for eating candies and other sweets. Genetics is another factor. People inherit their teeth just like they inherit their eye colour or the shape of their nose.

While majority of the issues involving the teeth are caused by poor habits, there are some that can be inherited—and that includes crooked teeth. This means that if a parent has crooked teeth or had to have braces at some point, there is a good chance that their child will also be born with crooked teeth.

Problems with Jaw Development

Misaligned teeth can also result from having a jaw that is too small—which is another product of a person’s genetic makeup. A small jaw does not always allow enough room for adult teeth to come in, causing them to shift after eruption, leading to overcrowded teeth.

Other problems with jaw development (e.g. a jaw twisted out of alignment) can also push the teeth out of the mouth, causing overbites, underbites or crossbites.

Fortunately, there are several orthodontic procedures our Milton Keynes orthodontist can do that can help correct these issues. Metal braces, for instance, are the traditional way of straightening teeth. They consist of small metal or tooth coloured brackets, which are gently bonded to the teeth and connected using a thin wire. Another option is the lingual braces, which is a more discreet solution than traditional metal orthodontics. Invisalign is an option as well, which is almost invisible since it only uses clear, plastic aligners.

Here at Northlight Dental, your crooked teeth and overbite will be a thing of the past with our range of orthodontic treatments. Call an orthodontist in Milton Keynes from Northlight Dental today to discuss your options.