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Dental Implants Contribute to Overall Well-being, Studies Show

There are two ways to understand tooth loss—as the effect of disease or an accident, or as a sign of neglect. On the other end of this equation, however, the absence of one or more teeth may cause more problems.

dental implantsIndeed, losing your teeth creates complications, from facial distortion to difficulties when talking or chewing. Whatever the case, it does not help to undergo several teeth extractions without anything to substitute them with. With dental implants, however, you can say goodbye to these problems.

Recent studies reveal that dental implants do not only improve oral health but a person’s quality of life, as well. It has a variety of positive physical, psychological and even financial impacts that contribute to overall well-being.

Improving quality of life

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Dentistry revealed that dental implants provide better health-related quality of life for edentulous patients (people lacking teeth). By randomly assigning 102 people either implants or conventional dental treatments, they found that patients with implants experienced more improvements in perceived oral health than those under conventional treatment.

Another study showed that dental implants have beneficial effects for people with diseases. Researchers noted that these improve the oral health and quality of life of people with Parkinson’s disease, a neurological condition that causes difficulties in dental treatments. After months of dental implants followed by constant monitoring of nine people, they found significant improvement when eating and satisfaction with the prosthesis. They noted gradual improvement in oral well-being in 12 months, as well.

Dental implants save costs in the long run. Depending on the quality of dental work, implants may last for decades compared to regular tooth replacement treatments. Oral health experts note that careful planning, proper placement, regular appointments and good oral hygiene are factors that lead to long-term success and cost-savings effect of dental implants.

These findings only prove that dental implants do more than maintain oral health. With the right dentist, you get to have a better lifestyle and more savings. Dental implants treatment in Milton Keynes will help you improve your teeth and quality of life. Contact dentists in Milton, Keynes for more information on dental implants.