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Choice of braces in Milton Keynes

Getting your teeth straightened is a big commitment. It involves months of treatment and discipline on your part, and is a big investment for most people in terms of cost. So, you want to know that the benefits are going to be worth it. At Northlight Dental, we have seen time and again how treatment with braces in Milton Keynes can change our patients’ lives.

Even if your teeth are just a bit out of line, having them straightened with braces in Milton Keynes can make a huge difference to how you look, and how you feel about how you look.

Braces in Milton KeynesOne area in which there has been a lot of research and development in the last couple of decades is braces, and there is a now a wide range of devices that can be used to deal with every kind of misalignment issue, from the simple to the very complex.

Braces in Milton Keynes are no longer the preserve of teenagers; more and more adults are using them to correct misalignments that were not fixed when they were younger, or correct teeth that once had braces treatment but have since drifted out of their correct positions.

Here at Northlight Dental, we have a dentist who has postgraduate training in teeth straightening. Dr Neha Passan did her training at Barts and the Royal London Hospital. Dr Passan can help not only with bite realignment but also with more cosmetic issues. Adults with cosmetic realignment issues are interested in having a great smile, and not so much in wearing braces that will compromise their looks, even for a few months.

The dental industry has developed braces that are as discreet as possible to cater to this need for maintaining a professional image among adult braces patients. If you need discreet braces, you can choose between several different devices that feature clear ceramics and tooth-coloured wires, braces on the tongue side of the teeth rather than the outer surfaces, and clear aligners that snap on over the teeth like mouth guards. Not all discreet braces can correct all alignment issues. Dr Passan can guide you into making the right choice for your needs.

Straighten up

We always seem to be trying to look in order, from ironing our clothes and combing our hair, to cutting our nails and even cleaning our shoes. Well, we straighten up everything else about our person so why not our teeth?

Straightening our teeth does not have to be hard work, and it does not have to be advertised to the world either. Braces in Milton Keynes are on the rise and it is due to the fact that there are so many options available to people who want to have their ideal smile.

Braces in Milton KeynesWhat do braces effectively do

In Milton Keynes, braces are a way of correcting crooked, gappy or crowded teeth. If you have an overbite, underbite or even tilted inwards or outwards teeth, braces can help.

What can I choose from

At Northlight Dental, we can first offer fixed braces. These are small square brackets that are glued onto the front of the teeth. These can be made from metal, which gives a more traditional, or perhaps even retro, feel to the braces; or they can be made from a tooth-coloured ceramic, which is a better option for those who want more discretion. These brackets are then held together by a thin wire and bands, which slowly pull your teeth into the desire position. The bands can either come in a variety of bright exciting colours or just plain clear.

Lingual braces in Milton Keynes are another way of straightening your teeth, but even more discreet than the fixed braces. These brackets are in fact bonded to the inside of your teeth so no one will be able to know, unless you wanted them to.

And lastly, we offer the Invisalign braces. A nearly invisible removable aligner which is made from clear plastic and custom-made to fit your mouth. When worn, it applies constant pressure, so slowly but surely your teeth will align into the final perfect position. This is removable for eating or your dental hygiene routine or for other special occasions, but it is most effective when worn for the advised 20-22 hours per day.

Let us tell you straight…

At Northlight Dental, we understand that undertaking any form of cosmetic dentistry can be a big deal. Here at our dental practice in Milton Keynes, braces are very popular with our patients.

Our practice

Our state-of-the-art practice uses the very latest advances in dental technology. We provide a wide range of procedures, including general, preventive and cosmetic dentistry – everything to help you get the happy smile you deserve.

Braces in Milton KeynesWe pride ourselves on having a modern, yet classic and comfortable dental practice, where you get the extra special treatment required you make every visit as pleasant as possible.

You are special to us

Northlight Dental understands that all patients have individual needs, depending on their prior worries or concerns, their medical history and their dental requirements. We make sure that our assessment procedure is thorough. We only ever offer evidence-based, tried and tested treatments, performed by our highly trained staff, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands for your braces in Milton Keynes.


The name stems from its clear nature; so these braces are practically invisible. You don’t need to tell anyone you are wearing braces if you don’t want to. They are also fully removable. The Invisalign process works by wearing several removeable aligners that are replaced every 7-10 days to gradually and gently move the teeth into place.

Misaligned teeth can cause real damage to personal confidence. Having a crooked smile or overlapping teeth can prevent you from having the smile you would like to have. Perhaps it is time to fix this and consider having braces in Milton Keynes?

What comes to mind when you think of braces? That historical image of thick, metal ‘train tracks’, spitting whilst talking, problems when eating and speaking? What used to be the necessary evil in getting straighter teeth has now thankfully been left in the past, where it belongs.

Invisalign braces in Milton Keynes boast a multitude of significant benefits. For starters, they are wire-free. Daily care is not a problem, you can simply remove the braces and brush and floss daily as normal.

Delightful smiles

The straighter your teeth are, the easier it is to keep them clean. As well as that, of course, properly-aligned teeth make for a much more pleasant smile. At Northlight Dental in Milton Keynes, braces come in a variety of styles and materials that remain discreet while they improve your dental alignment.

Braces in Milton KeynesAvoiding dental problems

Braces in Milton Keynes give you the chance to avoid the oral health difficulties associated with poorly-positioned teeth. When you have awkward spaces in your mouth that are difficult for the toothbrush to access, bacteria and tiny bits of food can build up to harmful levels. This can result in bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

You might also find that your teeth meet at difficult angles when you bite into your food. This misalignment can mean that your teeth and jaw have to work harder to do their jobs, putting you at risk of strain.

Our contemporary braces and aligners can rectify these unwanted conditions, leaving you with teeth that look great and perform efficiently.

Varieties of braces in Milton Keynes

The first stage of your treatment is an in-depth conversation with our dental team. We’ll find out how much you want to change the position of your teeth, and recommend the appropriate treatment. Every option is designed to be discreet, and customised for maximum efficiency.

Fixed braces are attached to the front of your teeth. The ones we use have tooth-coloured brackets, which greatly reduces their visibility. The dentist works to a precise treatment plan, and regular check-ups will ensure everything stays on track.

We also offer clear plastic aligners, sometimes known as invisible braces in Milton Keynes. In this treatment, a series of aligners is produced, based on detailed 3D images of your teeth. You’ll wear a set of these aligners for 7-10 days, before moving on to the next one in the series. Because each set is a slightly different shape, your teeth will be gently moved into improved positions. The aligners can be removed from the mouth when you need to brush your teeth or eat a meal. They’re a very user-friendly type of braces in Milton Keynes.

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces in Milton Keynes is the name of a treatment that uses braces on the inside of the mouth where they cannot be seen. The dental brackets used are bonded to the lingual surface (tongue side of the tooth), unlike the normal process of sticking brackets on the buccal surface (cheek side of the tooth).

Here at Northlight Dental, your lingual braces in Milton Keynes are based on the same principles as traditional fixed braces. However, the treatment is more technical and can be more time demanding on your dentist and the bracket requires a different design.

Braces in Milton KeynesLingual braces in Milton Keynes are suitable for adults and children who require treatment with braces but would prefer not to have the brackets visible.

Lingual treatment uses small metal brackets that are bonded to the tongue side of the tooth. Normal mouth movements such as talking, or eating will not show the brackets, only when the mouth is opened wide can the brackets be seen at all. This means there is the added bonus that no one ever needs to know you are undergoing any dental correction treatment.

You can win with WIN customised lingual braces in Milton Keynes

WIN lingual braces were initially developed for the treatment of adult patients who desired a subtle approach to their teeth straightening needs. Fortunately, these braces can now used in all age groups, making WIN lingual braces in Milton Keynes a popular choice amongst our patients.

The treatment goals will vary according to each patient’s individual needs. WIN is a custom-made lingual brace that is designed to adapt to individual requirements, creating smiles of confidence without compromise for every patient.

The benefits of WIN lingual braces

The nature of the individual bracket bases allows your lingual braces to be extremely flat against the back of the tooth, creating a more comfortable and subtle approach to your teeth straightening needs.

As well as this, with WIN lingual braces the body of the bracket is fully customised and is customised to each individual tooth, making a perfect, snug fit.

Unlike many other modern braces options, WIN lingual braces can be used in the most complex of dental cases.

Straighter teeth

Straighter teeth tend to look more appealing. They’re also better for your oral health. By wearing braces in Milton Keynes, you can bring your teeth into a more pleasant and effective alignment. At Northlight Dental, we have a lot of experience in providing patients with better-looking smiles. We use a range of contemporary methods to suit all kinds of realignment needs.

Easier oral health care

Braces in Milton KeynesThere are several oral health difficulties that can be avoided by wearing braces in Milton Keynes. Crooked smiles have awkward areas between the teeth, which your toothbrush can find difficult to reach. These areas can hide food particles and bacteria, which can build up to harmful levels, increasing your risk of bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay.

When your teeth are positioned at wonky angles, and your bite is misaligned, your jaw has to work extra hard, which can lead to strain or injury.

The negative effect on your appearance created by badly-positioned teeth can be a real bother. Some people feel the need to hide their smile at social events, particularly when photographs are being taken.

A range of treatments

At Northlight Dental, we’ll provide you with Milton Keynes braces that are appropriate for your realignment needs. We use discreet appliances that stay hidden while treatment is ongoing. This minimises the potential embarrassment that some people associate with wearing braces. They can be made of tooth-coloured or transparent materials, or attached to the back of the teeth.

Braces work by applying gentle pressure to the teeth. It takes time for teeth to move, so you’ll need patience to achieve the best results. Small adjustments can make a big difference, and if you only need to move a few of your most prominent teeth, the overall treatment duration might be quite short. In other cases, you might wear the braces for a year or longer.

Once the braces come off, we might give you a retainer to wear while you sleep. This ensures the teeth will settle in securely to their new positions. Although it takes time, you’ll be able to enjoy the cosmetic and oral health benefits of straighter teeth for many years after your treatment is over.

A Glimpse at the First “Braces”

Mostly considered as cosmetic concern brought on by modern ideologies, the desire to have straight teeth has long been in people’s minds. In what is believed to be an attempt to close gaps in teeth, the ancients also dabbled into the science and practice of orthodontic treatment.

invisible bracesOf course, they were not called ‘braces’ then. The term did not come to light until the 1990s, despite the various orthodontic efforts made years prior. Let’s take a look at some of the oldest documented attempts at improving and maintaining dental deformations.

Animal Intestines

The American Association of Orthodontists says archaeologists have discovered the mummified remains in Egypt that suggest early use of “orthodontic” appliances. These appliances were crude metal bands around their teeth made from animal intestines, also known as catgut, which served the same purpose as the modern orthodontic wire.

No later than 400-500 BC, Hippocrates and Aristotle both discovered ways to straighten teeth and fix various dental conditions.

The Greek Device

During Greece’s Golden Age, the Etruscans buried their dead with devices intended to maintain dental space and collapse. Meanwhile, in a Roman tomb in Egypt, a researcher saw some teeth wrapped with a gold wire, which would mark the first ever documented ligature wire.

Finger Pressure

In the time of Christ, a remarkable “orthodontic” technique called finger pressure was documented by an Ancient Roman, named Aurelius Cornelius Ceslus. This technique involved applying pressure to the teeth at regular intervals. According to his hypothesis, teeth were gradually moving apart and realigning themselves as a result of their prolonged exposure to the pressure.

The Roman Wire

As noted before, the first ligature wire was found in Rome. Romans were the first to invent a dental device that resembled modern orthodontic devices. Archaeologists discovered that the dead’s teeth had a small gold wire, assumed to be an effort to move the teeth closer together and reduce the gaps. Although the date was not recorded, this marked the beginning of our journey toward the modern orthodontic practice.

Today, a far cry from the catgut wires and digital pressure, people from different parts of the world have enjoyed both metal and invisible braces, which were perfected in the late 1990s. Their accessibility and effectivity in repairing teeth have made them a routine procedure to promote dental care, for both adults and children. Based on recent developments, the future of orthodontics looks very promising.

The Challenges of Wearing Metal Braces (And How Invisalign Braces Solve them)

Some people go through any means to preserve and improve their appearance. They even go as far as wearing braces if it means having better teeth and smile in the long run. The yearlong procedure and discomfort, however, deter even those who need them the most.

Northlight DentalMetal braces cause many lifestyle changes and challenges, such as difficulties when chewing or speaking. These may affect a person’s self-esteem and appeal, as well. These require a dentist’s assistance to remove and maintain, much to the wearer’s chagrin. These increase the risk of getting dental problems since people will have a hard time doing proper oral care.

Whilst there are challenges in wearing braces, there is no denying their benefits, as well. Dentists use clear braces called Invisalign to solve them. Here are reasons people should wear these braces:


Invisalign provides temporary relief and comfort thanks to its removable and customizable design. These are clear, plastic aligners designed to adjust teeth based on the wearer’s comfort level. People need only remove these braces temporarily if they have problems when interacting or eating their food.

Enhancing Appeal

Invisalign braces almost give an impression of not having any aligners at all. These braces eliminate people’s consciousness when showing their teeth and smile to others.


Unlike metal braces, people need only remove these braces and brush the insides and outsides thoroughly. Clear braces does not leave restrictions when it comes to food, making it convenient.

Better oral health

Plaque and bacteria have no opportunities to linger since clear braces are easy to clean. People can remove these clear braces to floss or brush their teeth. Dentists replace these braces every two weeks for adjustments, assuring health and safety of the wearers.

Invisalign braces reduce, if not eliminate the hassle of wearing metal braces. These improve your teeth without sacrificing appeal, allowing you to talk and smile with confidence. Northlight Dental provides invisible braces that show off your smile, not your braces. We use modern orthodontic techniques and technologies to give you the smile you always wanted, without traditional, metal braces. Book an appointment to know more about invisible braces.