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How can orthodontics help you?

Recreate a smile that makes you feel comfortable. Reposition your teeth for a straighter, healthier bite. These are just 2 of the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Straight teeth and a nice smile can give you confidence in both work and social situations. If your teeth are crooked, overcrowded or perhaps you have teeth that don’t line up when you bite, a consultation with a dentist to discuss orthodontics in Milton Keynes may be worth pursuing at Northlight Dental.

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be glaringly obvious; there are many discreet ways of solving misaligned teeth. During an initial consultation, our orthodontist will examine the condition of your teeth and discuss the treatment that is best suited to your needs.

Orthodontics in Milton KeynesExplore your options

There are 3 treatments for orthodontics in Milton Keynes that we can offer.

  • Discreet braces; these are low profile fixed braces, that use a thin wire and tooth-coloured brackets to achieve effective results with less impact on your appearance;
  • Lingual braces; these custom-made fixed braces are hidden on the backs of your teeth, so they are completely hidden from view. It may take your tongue a bit of getting used too but you’ll soon adjust to their feel. What’s more, they will work their magic without anyone ever knowing they are there;
  • Invisible braces by Invisalign; this is another near invisible treatment. It uses no metal at all, just a series of clear plastic aligners custom-made to your teeth. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but comfortable too, as the aligners fit snugly over your teeth. They are also removable so you can take them out when you eat, brush, and floss. This makes dental hygiene easier to maintain than with fixed braces.

Orthodontics is available as an option to both adults and children alike, but for children it is recommended only when most of the child’s adult teeth have come through. The length of treatment depends on the initial condition of your teeth.

So go ahead and arrange a consultation with us at Northlight Dental for orthodontics in Milton Keynes that will give you reliable and effective results.

Straighter teeth for happier smiles

We all want a smile to be proud of but crooked, overcrowded or unevenly spaced teeth can have a huge impact on your appearance. It can even affect how you eat and speak if the top and bottom teeth are not aligned correctly. When you make an appointment with your Milton Keynes orthodontist at Northlight Dental, you will see someone whose job it is to focus on how the teeth, jaws and face develop.

Orthodontist in Milton KeynesTreatment to align and straighten the teeth is best carried out during childhood but if you missed out on corrective procedures as a child then you can still benefit. In the past, metal braces were the only option but there are now a range of techniques available.

How can orthodontics help me?

Having straighter teeth improves how you look but also enhances oral health as they are easier to clean. Crooked or crowded teeth have gaps in which plaque accumulate which can lead to gum disease if left unresolved. If the misalignment is very severe then it may even cause pain or discomfort. As an experienced Milton Keynes orthodontist, we have helped many patients including those who have had treatment in the past but found that their teeth have moved back to their original positions. Procedures to correct the alignment of your teeth are faster, more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before and there is a brace to suit everyone.

The subtle approach

Invisible or clear braces allow you to benefit from teeth straightening procedures without the world knowing about it. Our patients who trust us as their Milton Keynes orthodontist find that this suits them, particularly if they have social and professional engagements to attend. You may have heard of Invisalign, which uses a progressive system of clear trays that exert gentle pressure to align your teeth. You can smile freely and remove the aligners when you are eating or cleaning your teeth so the impact on everyday life is minimal. Other options such as smaller, translucent brackets or braces that fit behind your teeth are also available.

To find out how you can benefit from seeing an orthodontist in Milton Keynes, do contact us today.

Three issues your orthodontist can help with

An orthodontist is a specialist dentist who deals with the alignment of the teeth and jawbone. They have extra training on top of a normal dental degree in order to be called an orthodontist. The can deal with all kinds of cases from the quick and easy to something more complicated.

Normal dentists can provide orthodontic treatment but, generally speaking, complex cases are dealt with by an orthodontist. Also, once qualified, orthodontists tend not to do general dentistry so much, so that they can focus their skills on their specialist area.

Orthodontics in Milton KeynesTeeth realignment

Perhaps the most common reason that patients see an orthodontist in Milton Keynes, with Northlight Dental, is for the realignment of teeth. This can be in order to change their appearance or to deal with other issues detailed below.

Cosmetically speaking, the smile looks better the more symmetrical it is. Teeth realignment can help to balance the two sides of your smile. Many orthodontic treatments also have the fringe benefit of improving your oral health. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and less prone to the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Alleviating pain

All parts of our bodies are connected. Sometimes the area where we feel pain can be quite far from the source of the problem. If you are experiencing soreness in your neck, shoulders and upper back, it could be the result of a problem with the alignment of your teeth.

The body automatically seeks to correct issues and, as a result of misalignment, you can find yourself making unnatural movements in order to chew. This affects the jaw muscles, which then leads to problems in your other muscles. Talk to the orthodontist in Milton Keynes at Northlight Dental if you are experiencing pain in any of these areas.

Correcting bite issues

Your teeth are designed to meet in certain places. If one or more are crooked then this affects the way that they meet. Over time, this can lead to uneven wear on the teeth and more serious dental issues, especially if combined with poor oral hygiene. Until you have a problem, you may not be aware of the misalignment. Your orthodontist in Milton Keynes can check how well your bite matches up and correct any issues.

Avoid the train track look with a Milton Keynes orthodontist

With today’s modern dental technology, straighter teeth can be achieved at any age. So if you missed out on the chance to have your teeth straightened as a child, there’s still time to get them fixed as an adult. An orthodontist is specially trained to correct problems with the alignment of your teeth and jaws. At Northlight Dental, our orthodontist in Milton Keynes can provide you with a range of treatment options that not only take into consideration your dental health but also cost, convenience and lifestyle.

Orthodontist in Milton KeynesExplore your options

When you come in to see our Milton Keynes orthodontist, you can expect a comprehensive examination of your teeth to find out just what the issue is. We’ll discuss your treatment options and your own personal expectations of what you want to achieve from your treatment. Here are some of the options we can explore together:

  • Discreet braces, using small, translucent brackets these fixed braces will more easily blend into the background of your teeth;
  • Lingual braces, for even more discretion, these fixed braces attach to the backs of your teeth, with every bracket custom-made to the contours of each individual tooth;
  • Invisalign, when it comes to removable braces, Invisalign are a popular choice. Using a series of clear plastic aligners, moulded to snugly fit over your teeth, hardly anyone will be able to tell that you are even wearing braces.

By visiting our orthodontist in Milton Keynes, you’ll be able to find out which of these options is best for you.

More than just cosmetics

The cosmetic benefits of straighter teeth are clear to see. However there is more to it than that. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and have fewer hard to reach places for bacteria to take hold. This reduces the build up of plaque and tartar, which ultimately decreases your chances of experiencing dental diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease in particular has been linked to increased risks of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. All in all, straighter teeth means better dental health, which has knock-on effects on your overall wellbeing. Not to mention the renewed ability to smile with confidence again, without crooked, crowded or gappy teeth holding you back.

Going to an orthodontist in Milton Keynes

In the past, it’s probably true to say that most of an orthodontist’s patients were children, and the adults in the waiting room were their parents. This is no longer the case, nowadays, many adults are visiting an orthodontist in their own right. When you visit an orthodontist in Milton Keynes, what can you expect? You may be surprised to learn how much things have changed over the past few years, and how easily you can have straighter teeth in a very short time.

Orthodontic treatments are used to correct the alignment of your teeth, generally with an appliance called a brace. All braces work on the same principle: gentle continuous pressure is applied to the teeth to move them into a better position over a period of time. Whilst it is generally true that it is best to have your teeth straightened while you are still growing, there are now orthodontic treatments for people of any age. At Northlight Dental, your orthodontist will need to take impressions of your teeth and find out what you are hoping to achieve.

Orthodontist in Milton KeynesBraces for everyone

Although most of us are probably familiar with the typical train-track type of brace worn by most teenagers, there are a wide variety of types available now. Many of these braces, which are virtually undetectable unless you know what you are looking for, are ideal for adults who do not want to draw attention to their braces. When you visit an orthodontist in Milton Keynes, you may find that there is a range of different options available that are suitable for your needs. Most adults find that they only need to have their front teeth straightened, unless they have severe orthodontic issues.

This can make your treatment relatively quick in comparison to the two or three years needed for most children to have their teeth straightened. In addition, this usually means that you will not have to have any teeth removed, something dentists are less likely to do these days unless your teeth are seriously crowded.

Lets get this straight

Although as an adult, you may be mostly concerned with the cosmetic benefits of having your teeth straightened, there are also long-term benefits to your oral health as straight teeth are generally easier to care for and keep clean and healthy.

Are you looking for an orthodontist in Milton Keynes?

According to the British Orthodontic Society, nearly three-quarters of adults need some form of teeth straightening treatment. But, you may be asking yourself what is so important about having straighter teeth? You may think that having your teeth straightened is a purely cosmetic treatment, after all straight teeth do look more attractive; and you would be correct in thinking this. The truth is that straight teeth are much easier to care for, and having teeth that are easier to care for will help you to maintain better oral health over your lifetime. Straight healthy teeth can also make you feel much more confident about your appearance.

Orthodontist in Milton KeynesOrthodontic treatments are often referred to as teeth straightening, this is just one of the many things that orthodontics can do. Teeth can be crowded, crossing, widely spaced and gappy, growing inwards or outwards, creating an underbite or overbite. By fitting braces, an orthodontist can adjust the position of your teeth to create a better alignment, improved appearance and a more even bite, which may even help to prevent your teeth wearing unevenly. If you are looking for an orthodontist in Milton Keynes, come and see us here at Northlight Dental.

I thought braces were only for teenagers

At our practice here in Milton Keynes, orthodontist Neha Passan works with patients of all ages. One of the main reasons that more adults are now choosing to have their teeth straightened is because of the major improvements in the design of braces. Many types of braces have been designed with adults in mind, and they are now virtually undetectable. We are all familiar with the classic train track braces that most teenagers wear. They are cumbersome and rather unattractive to say the least, and they take a year or two to work.

This is not what most adults want or need, firstly you would like the appearance of your teeth to be improved quickly, and secondly if you are having your teeth straightened, you really do not want everyone to know what you are doing. Unless you have very badly aligned teeth, you may only need to have your front teeth straightened, this makes the treatment relatively short term, your teeth could be straightened in around six months.

Orthodontists: what they do and how they can help you

A bite that isn’t quite right, crooked or crowded teeth, misalignments causing achy jaws – these are some of the things an orthodontist in Milton Keynes can help you with.

Orthodontist in Milton KeynesThe word orthodontist comes from the Greek words ‘ortho’ meaning straight and ‘odons’ meaning tooth. There was a time when an orthodontist would focus on treating teens and pre-teens. However today around 30% of orthodontic patients are adults.

An orthodontist can improve the general appearance of your teeth and face for cosmetic reasons or to improve the function of your bite. Using braces and retainers our orthodontist at Northlight Dental in Milton Keynes can realign your teeth, improving your look and in some cases your ability to eat and chew.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are sometimes referred to as ‘fixed appliances’ or ‘train tracks’. They can only be removed by an orthodontist, as they feature brackets that are bonded to your teeth. Throughout your treatment, your orthodontist in Milton Keynes will steadily tighten and change the wires to keep pulling your teeth in the right direction. Your orthodontist might also use springs and elastic bands to help the straightening process along.

Our orthodontist in Milton Keynes can fit you with fixed braces without the old fashioned bulky metal look. You can enjoy discreet streamlined appliances that ensure effective results, achieved both comfortably and quickly.

Clarity fixed braces

Our orthodontist in Milton Keynes can provide you with clear fixed braces, known as Clarity braces. They are one of the least visible fixed braces available, which are fitted to the outside of your teeth. Their tooth-coloured appearance means they will blend into the background of your teeth. They still work in the same way as a metal fixed brace and produce the same results.

Will it hurt?

It generally takes about 3 to 5 days to get used to fixed braces. Your mouth may feel a little rubbing from the brackets but this can be relieved using ‘wax’, which we provide for free. Our orthodontist in Milton Keynes will thoroughly discuss your aftercare with you, so you’ll be all set for a smooth journey towards straighter teeth.

Straighten you teeth discreetly in Milton Keynes

Modern braces do not have to be made from metal, and in some cases, teeth straightening treatment doesn’t have to involve wearing fixed braces at all. Northlight Dental in Milton Keynes offers a variety of subtle teeth straightening options, ideal for adults who would like to enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth without the hassle of metal braces.

orthodontist-in-milton-keynesA beautiful smile can boost your self-confidence and improve your private and professional life. However, not all people are born with perfectly straight teeth. Dr Neha Passan, our lead orthodontist in Milton Keynes, can help you achieve the smile you always wanted, so that you can appear more attractive, and confident. Here are the teeth straightening options we offer at Northlight Dental.

Clarity ceramic braces

If you want to combine the benefits of metal braces with aesthetics, then Clarity ceramic braces may be the ideal solution for you. Clarity brackets combine strength and beauty to ensure effective treatment and a subtle appearance. The brackets are small and transparent and blend in with your natural teeth.

Unlike other types of ceramic braces, Clarity braces do not discolour and or stain. They move your teeth just as efficiently as metal braces and can address many dental issues. However, Clarity ceramic braces tend to be more brittle than metal braces, therefore require special care.

Lingual braces

Incognito lingual braces are metal braces which offer a more discrete solution compared to traditional braces. At Northlight Dental, we use custom-made Incognito braces for each patient, which are glued to the inside surfaces of your teeth. This way your Milton Keynes orthodontist maintains full control of your teeth movements, but also means that your braces are virtually invisible.

Despite their obvious advantages, lingual braces are difficult to clean and appointments for adjustments with your Milton Keynes orthodontist could take longer than with traditional metal braces.


Invisalign aligners are clear, removable aligners custom-made for you. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible to anyone that sees your smile. Over a period of time, they will gradually straighten your teeth and improve your biting functions. Invisalign is very good in fixing moderately crooked teeth, but it is not particularly helpful with advanced cases of tooth misalignment.

Get a full power smile

At Northlight Dental in Milton Keynes, our orthodontist can help you turn up the wattage on your smile to full beam, and give you a healthier mouth into the bargain.

Orthodontists are dentists who have been trained in treatments and techniques to align the teeth and bite, and, of course, the biology and mechanics of the mouth.

orthodontics-in-Milton-KeynesOur orthodontist in Milton Keynes appreciates that teeth straightening not only creates a better smile, but improves oral health as well. This is because it is easier to brush and floss straight teeth, and cleaner teeth are at lower risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Our orthodontist can also correct a patient’s bite, so that the pressure from chewing is evenly distributed over all the teeth. Even distribution can reduce pain in the jaw muscle and joint, and can also reduce or even eliminate the headaches that can result from uneven pressure.

There are several ways that our Milton Keynes orthodontist can straighten misaligned, crowded and crooked teeth. These are all much more discreet than the traditional train track metal braces that so many people associate with orthodontics.

For example, although lingual braces use traditional wires and brackets to gently move teeth into a new position, they are fixed to the insides of teeth rather than the outsides, thereby reducing their visibility.

Bracket and wire braces are still available, but with updated technology, which means that although the braces are fixed to the outside of the teeth, the brackets and wires are much finer and also made of materials coloured to blend with the teeth.

Your requirements may also mean that your Milton Keynes orthodontist can fit you with braces that are not braces at all, but clear resin aligners that fit neatly over the teeth. The resin is so thin, 0.3mm, and fits so well that many people find their friends and colleagues do not even spot the aligners.

The aligners come in a series of between 12 and 48 trays, each one representing one step along the journey that your teeth need to make from their starting point to their desired position. You wear each one for about two weeks and the pressure from the tray adjusts the teeth. The great thing about aligners is that they are removable for eating, drinking and brushing.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics are used to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked, protruding or abnormally arranged teeth. Your orthodontist in Milton Keynes can straighten these teeth and move them into a better position.

orthodontist-in-Milton-KeynesLet’s straighten things out

If you are one of the people in the UK that have less than straight teeth, you may have always wondered how a straight smile would look on your face. You may have crooked or misaligned teeth, large gaps, twisted or protruded teeth. Perhaps you an overbite, underbite or a crossbite. Teeth that do not fit together correctly are harder to keep clean and are at risk of being lost early because of tooth decay or disease. It is now easier than you think to straighten out that smile by visiting your orthodontist in Milton Keynes at Northlight Dental.

Our dentists at Northlight Dental will diagnose, treat and prevent irregularities of the teeth through the use of orthodontic treatments. These treatments can be used to straighten teeth, correct an irregular bite, close unsightly gaps and bring teeth into proper alignment.

Why Northlight Dental?

Northlight Dental orthodontists in Milton Keynes are based in Aspley Guise. It is a beautiful and historic village located within easy reach of Milton Keynes. We pride ourselves in offering a full range of high quality, yet affordable dental procedures.

If you are looking for a family friendly dentist or specialist dental treatment, such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, or seeing an orthodontist in Milton Keynes, Northlight Dental are sure to be able to help.

Your initial orthodontics consultations costs just £60. We can cater for all your orthodontic needs with prices starting at just £70 for removable retainers. Our fixed metal braces start from just £2900. With Northlight Dental, you can be sure you are in capable and professional hands.

Our caring, experienced and professional team are specifically trained to make your treatment with Northlight Dental as pleasant and stress-free as possible. We offer gentle procedures and techniques to ensure you leave our practice as happy as possible. Whether you are a new patient or one of our many regular patients, Northlight Dental in Milton Keynes is the orthodontist for you.