Ceramic Fixed Braces- Christopher’s Story


“I was definitely aware that the majority of my teeth were not aligned correctly, especially the two front upper incisors which were seen every time I smiled, and a misaligned lower incisor which had been muscled out of the way by the rest. The lowers especially were a chore for me to clean properly.

I had come to realise the power of straight healthy teeth and a confident smile. From friends and family, to colleagues that I work with every day, to meeting new people, people subconsciously warm to a confident smile, I do it myself !!

From the first consultation Neha explained the stages of the treatment clearly and concisely and was more than willing to elaborate if I had any more detailed queries. Before each appointment I was fully aware of what the plan was and what result she was going to achieve. You can physically see and feel your teeth being corrected throughout the stages of treatment. Neha was acutely aware of me as the patient ensuring that I was comfortable and relaxed at all times, which I always was. You get the genuine feeling that Neha and her professional and friendly colleagues care about the condition of your teeth as much as you do and the end result more than shows that.

Once I had the braces fitted, for the first few days I did wonder if I had done the right thing, there’s no getting away from that.

However, after a few days I started to forget they were there, and I never looked back.

In terms of other people noticing, the only alien feeling came from myself being conscious of them. People usually notice the thin wire first and then realise you have braces, but the white brackets are a brilliant thing and the clear silicone bands that Northlight use add another dimension of camouflage.

It’s amazing how many previous brace wearers come out of the woodwork and talk to you about their experience and since I have had mine removed, I have struck up conversations with people with them and assured them that they will be so happy with the final result.