Correct your crooked teeth or overbite with braces

If you don’t like your smile but you are hesitant about getting braces in Milton Keynes, you are not alone. Having metal brackets glued to your tooth enamel for an extended period is a big deal, especially as an adult.

Braces in Milton Keynes

We understand that you may have concerns regarding pain, appearance and the overall impact teeth straightening aids have on your lifestyle. However, thanks to modern orthodontics, there are a variety of treatment options available from which to choose the one that best suits your unique needs.

With us, you can start the process of fixing your crooked teeth, overbite or overcrowded mouth today by booking a consultation with our highly qualified, experienced orthodontist at Northlight Dental. You can enjoy straight teeth and a winning smile in 6 to 18 months.

Why choose braces in Milton Keynes

There are many misconceptions about straightening aids; that they are unsightly, they cause constant discomfort and pain, are only for teenagers and restrict our lives in various ways.

Since their inception, however, advancements in technology have made teeth straightening aids more discreet and comfortable for the wearer, and some options, like Invisalign braces are removable. Now, not only can people choose to have their teeth straightened, but they have choices available to them too. At the same time, not just adolescents but adults are opting to fix their teeth without fearing how these aids might influence their personal and professional lives.

Pain maybe another factor that keeps people from having their teeth corrected. When you first get braces in Milton Keynes, and after every check-up, you might experience varying levels of discomfort, which you can easily manage with over the counter medication and a soft diet for a few days. Mouth ulcers and cuts caused by metal rubbing against skin, while unpleasant, can be treated and soothed with numbing gels bought at your nearest pharmacy.

How do they straighten teeth?

Pressure emanating from the archwire (a long, thin wire connecting the brackets) or aligner trays containing Invisalign, gently push them to move into the desired position, while the role of the brackets is to hold your teeth in place.

Available treatments

There are many options available that, on your consultation, we will discuss with you to find the best and most suitable treatment plan for you. Some aids are removable while others are fixed; some are more discreet than others; some adjust minor malocclusions over brief periods while others correct major issues gradually for longer.

Invisalign, also known as invisible braces, are removable aligner trays you have replaced every two weeks. You can take them out to eat and play sports, but we recommend that you keep them in for at least 22 hours a day for them to be effective — best for treating mild to moderate misalignments.

Traditional fixed braces comprise of metal brackets glued to the enamel of the teeth, with a thin archwire connecting them.

Ceramic braces, similar to conventional metal braces, only the brackets are tooth-coloured, thereby barely visible to an untrained eye. If you are a self-conscious person yet do not have the discipline for Invisalign, these aids might be the solution for which you have been looking.

Lingual braces work identically to traditional braces; the only difference is that we place them on the back of your teeth. Their discreet nature also makes them another popular choice.

Are there alternatives?

Artificial solutions, like dentures and bridges, disguise chipped teeth and close gaps, but these treatments tend to compromise the shape and size of neighbouring teeth, which in the long run, can be detrimental.

While initial costs may be hefty, correcting your teeth using conventional methods is an investment we can recommend. What is more, as previously mentioned, it is a natural solution that gradually moves your teeth into place.

Considering having your teeth corrected is a big decision but one that will positively impact your life in the long run, as you flaunt a lovely smile and look forward to perfect oral health and hygiene in the years that follow.