How to keep your braces in Milton Keynes clean

Keeping your teeth clean is easy when you have the right oral hygiene routine, but it can be a little more difficult when you have braces realigning them at the same time. With a brace in, it’s much easier for food particles and plaque to build up if you’re not careful, so here’s a few handy tips to keep your braces in Milton Keynes clean.

Braces in Milton Keynes

Advice for brushing

Normally we would advise our patients to brush twice a day, but for patients with braces in Milton Keynes you should try to clean your teeth after every meal. This includes any snacks you have throughout the day, not just the big meals.

Regular cleaning helps to clear out food particles, as the longer they’re trapped between your teeth, the higher risk you have of running into dental problems. To brush, first lightly rinse out your mouth with water, then use a soft toothbrush, preferably with rounded bristles or an electric brush, and gentle clean at a downward angle along the bracket and your tooth. If you’re struggling to find a brush that works for you, our talented team at Northlight Dental can help point you in the right direction to find a toothbrush that works for you.

Other methods of cleaning

On top of brushing, we also recommend that you try to floss as often as you can, ideally once a day. Whilst flossing, try to go between the wires as well as your teeth, to make sure you get a thoroughly deep clean.

If you’re struggling, try to use a floss threader to slide between the hard to reach places and to avoid snagging on one of the wires or brackets fixed to your teeth. Interdental brushes are a great alternative if you’re finding it too hard to get the floss in between your teeth. Their bristled edges and flexible neck allow you to reach right into those awkward spaces.

Change your diet

Another big factor in keeping your brace clean is your diet; the types of things we eat on a regular basis can take quite a toll.

For example, foods high in sugar or starch can cause plaque to build-up and an unsightly staining of the teeth can occur after a while, that can lead to cavities and other issues. Sticky and dried foods run the risk of becoming stuck to the brackets of your brace, whilst hard foods like popcorn or nuts can potentially damage the wires. Try to stick to softer foods, like soups or broth, however if you still want to eat food that crunches, then we recommend that you chop it up into small pieces first, in order to avoid pieces becoming stuck between your teeth.

If you’re struggling to find a diet that suits you, then ask your dentist where you can start.

In closing, keeping your brace clean can be tricky, but if you follow our helpful advice, then the payoff of an improved and straight smile will be worth it in the end.