Northlight’s Anne Powders

Hello, I am Anne and I have been working as your hygienist at Northlight for the past few years having met many of you. My role in this practice is to help you achieve and keep a healthy bright smile. Through a gentle and caring approach I adapt my treatments to your specific needs so ensuring your teeth

are strong and your gums kept in good health. This in turn benefits your general health and your confidence. In a caring and personal environment the team at Northlight help to create and maintain your perfect smile.

Through my clinical work in both private and NHS practices I have gained experience in the treatment of complex periodontal conditions. I received my Diploma in Dental Hygiene at Guys Hospital in London and then my BS in Dental Hygiene at the University Of Colorado USA. I later went on to graduate with Med through Boston University. My passion is to show you how a simple dental health plan along with my clinical skills can help to transform your gum health.

I have travelled in India and Africa and lived in the US and Belgium for a number of years. I grew up in India! I have an ongoing interest in using my professional skills and travel experience to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities across the world and regularly travel with dental teams overseas. Last year it was trekking the Himalaya’s to remote villages, and this year I will be in Sri Lanka where as a team we will provide basic pain relief, dental health education and prevention.

I have a busy family life with 3 grown sons moving their way into, through and beyond university into the working world. My interests include swimming, trekking, travel, culture, language and cooking and eating Indian food!