The Challenges of Wearing Metal Braces (And How Invisalign Braces Solve them)

Some people go through any means to preserve and improve their appearance. They even go as far as wearing braces if it means having better teeth and smile in the long run. The yearlong procedure and discomfort, however, deter even those who need them the most.

Northlight DentalMetal braces cause many lifestyle changes and challenges, such as difficulties when chewing or speaking. These may affect a person’s self-esteem and appeal, as well. These require a dentist’s assistance to remove and maintain, much to the wearer’s chagrin. These increase the risk of getting dental problems since people will have a hard time doing proper oral care.

Whilst there are challenges in wearing braces, there is no denying their benefits, as well. Dentists use clear braces called Invisalign to solve them. Here are reasons people should wear these braces:


Invisalign provides temporary relief and comfort thanks to its removable and customizable design. These are clear, plastic aligners designed to adjust teeth based on the wearer’s comfort level. People need only remove these braces temporarily if they have problems when interacting or eating their food.

Enhancing Appeal

Invisalign braces almost give an impression of not having any aligners at all. These braces eliminate people’s consciousness when showing their teeth and smile to others.


Unlike metal braces, people need only remove these braces and brush the insides and outsides thoroughly. Clear braces does not leave restrictions when it comes to food, making it convenient.

Better oral health

Plaque and bacteria have no opportunities to linger since clear braces are easy to clean. People can remove these clear braces to floss or brush their teeth. Dentists replace these braces every two weeks for adjustments, assuring health and safety of the wearers.

Invisalign braces reduce, if not eliminate the hassle of wearing metal braces. These improve your teeth without sacrificing appeal, allowing you to talk and smile with confidence. Northlight Dental provides invisible braces that show off your smile, not your braces. We use modern orthodontic techniques and technologies to give you the smile you always wanted, without traditional, metal braces. Book an appointment to know more about invisible braces.

Enamel Erosion: When Yellow Teeth are “Permanent”

By now, you should know that there are a lot of things that can stain your teeth. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, and drinking tea or coffee too much are just a few of the many causes of an unattractive smile. In most cases, visiting the dentist and asking for a cosmetic whitening treatment is enough to reverse the damage, and restore your teeth to a more attractive colour.

veneersBut what if you always take great care of your teeth, follow your dentist’s advice, and still suffer from a yellow smile? To your frustration, no amount of brushing or flossing can help, and whitening treatments have only disappointed you. This is normal, and it has to do with the condition of your teeth’s enamel.

Why Some Teeth are Naturally Yellow

The enamel is the protective, slightly translucent outer layer of your teeth, and it gets thinner as people age. As the enamel continues to erode, the yellow layer below it (called the dentin) gradually becomes more visible. Tooth grinding or drinking acidic substances, like soft drinks, can greatly accelerate this process.

When this happens, whitening treatments will no longer help; there are no superficial stains to remove, as the yellow shade comes from beneath the tooth’s surface.

The Solution to Thinning Enamel

While conventional whitening treatments may no longer be able to give the smile you want, there are still options available to you. Dentists can place cosmetic veneers and crowns over your teeth, giving them a much whiter, more attractive appearance.

Veneers are the perfect choice for teeth that are strong and healthy, but simply have a few minor flaws. Apart from covering up yellow enamel, dentists will also recommend veneers to fix any cracks, chips, or other signs of damage.

Tooth enamel that is very thin or has suffered extensive damaged may not bond well with veneers, however. In this case, dental crowns are the best choice. They will not only give your teeth a whiter surface, but restore their form, function, and durability as well.

Giving you a perfect smile has always been our goal here at Northlight Dental. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or for any inquiries.

More Laughing Gas Please: Overcoming Dental Fear with Sedation

Does the thought of a dentist scraping your teeth scare the living daylights out of you? Would you rather endure a toothache than set foot inside a dental clinic?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to both, you are not alone.

Sedation DentistryA number of individuals suffering from dental fear would rather let their teeth rot than face the uncertainties in the clinic. Exposure to stimuli (such as the sound of drills or mechanical chairs) provokes immediate fear, which results in anxiety attacks and distress.

Fortunately, patients with dental fear need not evade their dentists out of anxiety. With sedation dentistry, those who suffer from dental phobia can achieve proper treatment without provoking panic attacks.

Understanding sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry uses medication that helps patients with dental phobia to endure treatment or procedures. Known as ‘sleep dentistry,’ this procedure helps patients relax by putting them in a dreamlike state during surgery. Sedation dentistry eliminates a dental phobic patient’s anxiety and stress prior to their visit.

Sleep dentistry is an ideal solution for patients suffering from cases of dental phobia. Apart from aiding dentists in performing surgery on anxious patients, the medications also help patients eventually overcome their fear of the dentist.

Levels and types of sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry includes three levels depending on the patient’s case and the dentist’s recommendation:

  • Minimal sedation – you are awake but relaxed
  • Moderate sedation – medication causes you to slur your words and forget much of the procedure
  • Deep sedation – you are barely conscious but dentists can wake you up when needed
  • General anaesthesia – you are unconscious

Different degrees of dental sedation depend on the extent of the patient’s fear or anxiety. These sedation techniques allow patients to receive treatment for a healthy and white smile without experiencing panic attacks:

  • Nitrous oxide sedation: (also known as laughing gas) induces a state of relaxation
  • Intravenous sedation: administered through your bloodstream and also induces a state of relaxation
  • Oral sedatives: oral medications given to patients the night before the procedure depending on anxiety

Overcome your fear of the dentist with the help of sedation dentistry. Northlight Dental can help you deal with your anxiety and provide the smile you’ve always wanted. Book an appointment now.

Overcoming Dental Fear

Dental fear is more common than you think. Whilst it is typically a problem among children, it is a dilemma that alters an adult’s perception of dentistry, as well. It causes unnecessary stress, which may delay treatments. This dread is fuelled by uncertainties that will be brought about by the treatment. Most people are afraid of experiencing pain.

Northlight DentalIt is normal to feel fear and uneasiness, especially if the concept of the procedure is quite foreign to you. Nevertheless, fear is problematic if it becomes excessive, and it repeatedly keeps you from receiving the treatment. Fortunately, there are things you can do to cope with it.

Understand Your Fear

Fear is practical. Know that it is one of the built-in mechanisms that have allowed people to survive. Still, do realise that the benefits of the dental procedure outweighs your fear. Do not be hard on yourself if you cannot understand the nature of your fear. Give yourself some time, and practice positive self-talk.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Fear makes you restless, so what you need to do is counter the effect with relaxation techniques. Practice proper breathing. This will calm you down and reduce the amount of stress you are enduring. Listen to soothing music while you are in the waiting room. You may keep some funny video clips in your phone that you can watch while waiting for the receptionist to call your name.

Speak with Us

If you think that the amount of fear residing within you does not dissipate, do not hesitate to speak with us. We are more than willing to listen to your concerns; we will provide you with some helpful tips on how you can manage your anxiety.

Dental fear is normal, but there is a way to counter it. This is why here at Northlight Dental, we offer solutions that will help you deal with it. We offer sedation to keep anxiety and panic from affecting you while you are undergoing a procedure. Get in touch with us to learn more about this service.

Getting the Perfect B1 Shade

Have your teeth lost their lustre because of the dingy yellow or gray stains?

Stained teeth occur as we age. With each decade, our teeth can get up to one to two shades darker as the colour pigments inside the teeth become more prominent. Genetics play a role in the darkening of our teeth, too, and so are some types of food, drinks, and even mouthwashes.

Teeth WhiteningLike most of our patients, you probably want to have a whiter smile. In fact, you probably want to have “the whitest teeth possible”—around an A2 shade. That shade, unfortunately, can make your teeth look artificial. The best would be B1, which is generally considered the lightest naturally occurring shade.

So how can you get the perfect B1 tooth shade? Read on.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is obviously the easiest option to achieve the tooth shade you want. You can go for a professional in-office whitening treatment. You can also do it at home using mouth trays or strips.

At Northlight Dental, we use a home whitening method that involves a custom plastic mouth tray and a whitening gel. This method distributes the whitening paste evenly, unlike whitening strips that cannot reach near the gum line.

Dental Veneers

Getting dental veneers is an option, too, especially when your existing teeth are so dark that whitening may not work. If your not-so-pearly-whites are particularly heavily filled, dark, or broken down, this treatment may be the perfect solution to restore them.

Dental veneers are a thin layer that sits on the surface of your natural teeth. Because we place them over your natural tooth, you can have them in almost any shade you like. If you want a perfect B1 shade, it is possible with dental veneers.

The most effective whitening method will vary from person to person. Fortunately, here at Northlight Dental, we can guide you in making the right choice and help you determine what is best for your situation.

If you want to get your teeth the B1 shade, let us help you through our teeth whitening and dental veneer treatments. Book for a cosmetic consultation today.

Helping Nervous Patients Cope with Anxiety

The only thing worse than being nervous about something is when people dismiss those anxieties as unimportant. Nobody wants to feel the apprehension they do in certain situations, but those feelings aren’t going away just because other people tell them to. Our office has seen its fair share of nervous patients, and we talk to every single one of them before they even get on the chair.

Establishing Trust

nervous patientsIt is important for every dentist to understand that they are not there to simply ease a patient over their anxiety for this one appointment; they are easing the anxiety for all appointments. It is impractical to think that a nervous patient will not need to go back to the clinic after a single appointment. They will need to see a dentist again, and it is up to the present dentist to ensure that the patient is ready for when that time comes.

The one and only way to calm an anxious patient is to convince them that the office is a safe place, and that the dentist is someone they can trust. This is actually one of the more enjoyable parts of being a dentist as it is one of the few times we can talk to their patients without the latter having their mouths open. The topic of conversation could be anything; the longer the patient shares, the more trust builds.

Getting to the Root

The process does not end when the patient begins trusting the dentists though; there is still a reason behind the anxiety and the dentist needs to understand what that is. The mistake most dentists make is that they tell their patients such fears are unfounded because it is another form of dismissal. Dentists should talk about why the patient feels the way they do and offer them the assurance that they are completely safe.

If you are looking for a dental office that understands what it feels like to go through dental anxiety, contact us today. We will talk to you and help you get through your appointment at your own pace and at your own comfort level.

New Treatment Room Up and Running!

Welcome to our new blog page. We hope you will enjoy reading our monthly blogs which will keep you updated with news from the practice and also provide useful information regarding all things dental and oral health related.

As some of you may already be aware, we have recently been having some building work at the practice.  We are very pleased to let you all know that after a month of noise and mess, the project is fully complete and we now have a brand new, state of the art second surgery. The expansion has also allowed us to build a new large decontamination room and consultation area.

As part of our upgrade, new computers have been installed and have been updated with the latest dental and office software, as well as a new digital telephone system which gives us an additional phone line into the practice. What does this mean for you, our patients?


Having another surgery means that more surgery time is available. This allows us to offer you more appointment dates and times, including evenings and Saturdays, to help fit in with your busy schedule.

Sunil will be available every day of the week and you will be able to see all our specialist dentists more quickly. You can also have the convenience of having your hygienist and check-up appointments on the same day, as both Alison and Sunil will now be working some of their sessions at the same time.

Our new telephone system provides two telephone lines coming into the practice, this means you will always have your call answered straightaway.

Plus our website now allows you to book your appointments on-line. So whether we are open or closed you will still be able to book in, making life that little bit easier.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our brand new state-of-the-art surgery!