Replacing teeth, restoring function

No matter where in your mouth you lose a tooth from, there are good reasons to replace it as soon as possible, and the most effective form of tooth replacement is dental implants in Milton Keynes.

Why you need all your teeth

Teeth at the front of the mouth play a vital role in smiling, speaking and biting. People who lose their front teeth are generally keen to get them replaced as soon as possible. Teeth at the sides and back of the mouth play an important role in chewing. With both cases, the gaps left by lost teeth provide space for the neighbouring teeth to drift and topple into, so it’s important to get those gaps filled as soon as possible.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesMeet the surgeon

Dental implants in Milton Keynes are available from us at Northlight Dental, where we have implant surgeon, Dr Sunil Passan, who is also trained in dental sedation.


Dr Passan knows that many people find the prospect of having dental implants pretty daunting, but it need not be. We fit dental implants under local anaesthetic because there are far fewer nerve endings in the jawbone than in the teeth, so the area is easy to numb. However, numbing is not relaxation and that is why we also offer intravenous sedation. It will make you drowsy. You may even sleep through much of the treatment, although you can be roused if we need to talk to you.

The benefits of dental implants in Milton Keynes

Dental implants offer greater stability than dentures or bridges because they are fixed into the jawbone. This means that you can continue to eat whatever you like, instead of having to adjust to a soft food diet. It also means you don’t need to worry about embarrassing moments when your replacement teeth don’t stay still.

Dental implants also tend to last quite a bit longer than more old-fashioned alternatives. You can expect them to be functional for and with the correct maintenance quite probably decades. You may need to replace the crowns, which come as attachments to the posts embedded into your jawbone.

Say hello to straight teeth

Crooked teeth can have quite a negative effect on your self-confidence, especially in an era where alignment correction is so easily available. Gone are the days when most people had wonky teeth. Now most people, even those over 60, have great smiles. It’s becoming harder and harder to have misaligned teeth and not feel self-conscious about them.

Braces in Milton KeynesBut, for adults, there is also the consideration of feeling self-conscious about wearing braces, devices that still carry a stigma of nerdy, unattractive adolescence. Billy No Mates who is very good at maths but not at making friends. Not a great association for people dealing with the public in some way, or those in positions of authority.

Here at Northlight Dental, we offer braces in Milton Keynes to help you achieve a lovely straight set of teeth without months of self-consciousness and discomfort during treatment.

We have a range of braces in Milton Keynes to suit every lifestyle, every budget.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are great for moving teeth in three dimensions. The ones we use feature clear ceramic brackets that are strung through with fine, tooth-coloured wire. They blend in with the teeth rather than standing out from them.

Lingual braces

These fixed braces in Milton Keynes are fixed to the tongue side of the teeth. They are great for complex alignment issues.


These are a different way to straighten teeth with braces in Milton Keynes. Instead of brackets and wire they feature very thin, see-through plastic aligners that look like mouth guards. A series of them, each one worn for 1-2 weeks, use built-in pressure points to gently guide the teeth into alignment. Two big pluses come with clear aligners. They are very hard to see once they are in place, and they are removable for eating, drinking and cleaning. They do require discipline however, and need to be worn for at least 20 hours a day if treatment is to stay on schedule.

Which one is right for you?

Come in for a consultation with Dr Neha Passan, our specialist orthodontist, who will be able to advise on which system will work best for your needs.

How we help you to relax about dental implants in Milton Keynes

When we are stressed, our sympathetic nervous system is activated. This is the one that controls the fight, flight or freeze response. This can happen in response to imagined stress as well as actual situations. Not only does this feel tense and overstimulating, it can also affect the body’s healing abilities as it diverts resources to areas that are essential for response to common dangers. All this means that, the more relaxed you are when you are approaching a dental treatment, the better. When you have decided to get a treatment that can seem daunting at first, like dental implants in Milton Keynes, Northlight Dental is here to reassure you and give you all the information that you need to relax.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesWhat can we do to help?

Just as everyone’s stress triggers are slightly different, what someone needs to relax can also vary from person to person. That’s why, when you get dental implants in Milton Keynes with Northlight Dental, the first thing that we do is talk through the procedure with you. We can get an idea of your expectations and any concerns that you have. In many cases, we can reduce your anxiety straight away by giving you the right information about dental implants in Milton Keynes.

Even when people have not heard anything specific about difficulty with dental implants, it’s easy for fears to creep in when it comes to dental treatment. Patients often worry about pain, how long their treatment will take, how much it will cost and how much it will negatively their lives in the short term.

Getting dental implants in Milton Keynes involves a minor surgical procedure that does not cause any discomfort. There can be some aching, light bleeding and bruising immediately afterwards but nothing that cannot be addressed with regular painkillers in most cases. The whole thing takes just a few hours at our dental clinic and then a period of healing with only minor precautions that you need to take. We give you the advice you need to integrate the healing process into your normal lifestyle as much as possible.

My tooth is missing – is it worth the hassle to get it replaced?

It’s tempting to ignore problems with the teeth. This might be because you don’t enjoy visiting the dentist or because you just feel too busy to face the prospect of any treatment. This is possible even if your problem is having a tooth or two missing. Getting them replaced with dental implants in Milton Keynes might seem like a daunting task. At Northlight Dental, we’d like the chance to change your perspective about restoration treatment and let you know why it’s important to consider it.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesIs it that much hassle?

It’s true that tooth replacement can involve a long-term dentistry plan. However, at Northlight Dental, we do our best to ensure that your appointments and recovery fit in with your life as much as possible. We can plan around holidays or important events. We also give you all the advice and tips you need to look after yourself during the recovery period after getting dental implants in Milton Keynes. This should mean that you experience minimal hassle, disruption or discomfort.

What happens if you don’t replace your tooth?

It is, of course, your choice if you want to live with a gap in your smile or you want to choose a method other than dental implants in Milton Keynes. This might be the case if the gap isn’t particularly visible when you smile. However, with missing teeth, there’s more to think about than just aesthetics.

Your teeth are designed to work as a set. Pressure and the forces of chewing are spread evenly when you are biting and processing normally. If you have a gap, you can begin to bias your motions towards a particular side, leading to jaw problems or uneven wear. This may not be noticeable until a significant shift has already taken place.

Teeth also work together to hold each other in position. While your teeth are solid, repetitive pressures, over time, can shift them. This is why dentists can work with braces to straighten people’s teeth. When you have a gap, this takes away the support from the adjacent teeth. It’s possible for them to shift into the gap, which causes misalignment and subsequent issues for the bite and the alignment of other teeth.

Choices, choices… getting them all straight in your head

Step one – decide to get your teeth straightened.

Step two – visit the dentist.

Step three – choose braces in Milton Keynes… wait… what?

Braces in Milton KeynesIf this is how your thoughts about realigning your smile have gone so far, it’s probably because you don’t know just how many options there are for achieving the results you need. Maybe you thought that the dentist would just stick some equipment on your teeth and you would just have to grin (or not grin) and bear it for the duration of your treatment. Fortunately, this isn’t the common scenario when it comes to modern treatment plans involving realignment.

When you visit Northlight Dental in Milton Keynes, braces come in many shapes and sizes. We can help you decide which is the best to use to correct your issues. Some methods lend themselves more readily than others to certain issues. Once we have assessed your needs and we’re ready to proceed with your treatment plan, we can let you know what options are available to you from our extensive range. If you have more than one method that you are able to choose from, you can make your selection based on which braces in Milton Keynes fit in better with your lifestyle, habits and budget expectations.

Some of the options that you might be able to choose between include:

Fixed, invisible braces – these are a very popular method of teeth straightening for adults. They do a similar job to traditional braces although they tend to focus on the front teeth only. Also, the equipment tends to be smaller and more discreet that old-style metal braces;

Removable aligners – if you are looking for a totally different kind of realignment, you might consider clear-plastic aligners instead of fixed braces. These are removable and completely under your control throughout your treatment. They are as effective as other types of braces;

Lingual braces – if you want fixed braces but you also want the maximum amount of discretion when it comes to your equipment, you may want to get them fixed to the backs of your teeth. These are called lingual braces because they are on the tongue side of the teeth.

Correcting your natural teeth

Having a problem with your teeth can have an impact on your smile, even forcing you to hide if you’re embarrassed by them. Although we are born with the teeth we get, sometimes nature doesn’t do our grins justice. If crooked or crowded teeth are getting you down, then you might be considering braces in Milton Keynes. The idea of a straighter and healthier smile is appealing, because it allows you to go about your life without having to worry about how your teeth look when you’re happy and laughing.

Braces in Milton KeynesTeeth-straightening treatments like braces in Milton Keynes don’t necessarily have to be bulky, metal and unsightly. At Northlight Dental, we provide treatments that straighten your teeth discreetly and effectively. They are designed to fit around your lifestyle, so you don’t have to feel like braces are always looming when you smile. Braces are beneficial and no longer intrusive, encouraging you to show off your teeth during treatment.

Noticing the changes, not the braces

Fixed braces are traditional, but their near invisibility is modern. Small metal or tooth-coloured brackets are gently bonded to your teeth by one our dentists. A thin wire runs through the brackets, which is controlled by the dentist to shift your teeth to their correct positions over time.

If even discreet fixed braces don’t appeal to you, we also provide Invisalign. These are especially flexible as they work as a series of clear and removable aligners. These aligners are made especially for your teeth, and you would change them every 7-10 days. They gradually and gently move your teeth, while giving you the secrecy you desire during treatment. This might be ideal for you if you’re constantly in a professional environment and you know that having a discreet treatment will make you feel comfortable and confident.

The pros without the cons

If you are contemplating a teeth-straightening treatment like braces in Milton Keynes, it is important to consider all the long-term benefits that come with a short-term treatment. Once your teeth are straight, they are yours to look after and be proud of. By straightening your smile, you can avoid further conditions like gum disease and tooth decay in the future. Essentially, you’re defeating an array of problems with one solution.

Effective replacement teeth

The loss of a tooth can have consequences for your oral health. If you lose several teeth, this can reduce the quality of your overall life experience. In Milton Keynes, dental implants are an effective and long-lasting treatment for the problem of lost teeth. At Northlight Dental, we have years of experience in providing custom-made, high quality new teeth that will integrate with your jawbone and restore the dental function you’ve been missing.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesHow to receive dental implants in Milton Keynes

Initially, you’ll come to our friendly dental practice for a detailed consultation with the team. We’ll make sure your teeth and gums are in good condition, and and take x-rays to determine the amount of bone available in the region of your missing teeth. A bit of preliminary work might be needed to get you ready for the next step.

Following this, there’s a minor surgical procedure, during which our dentist will place small, screw-like metal posts into your jawbone. After a short healing period, you’ll come back to us to have the replacement teeth affixed to the posts.

Many benefits

Having dental implants in Milton Keynes will bring you numerous oral health benefits:

  • The jawbone forms a strong mesh with the implanted posts, which makes a secure base for your new teeth. You’ll be able to bite into and chew your favourite foods, without worrying the new teeth will fall out;
  • The new teeth are easy to clean, and they stay in your mouth just like your natural teeth. You won’t need to fiddle with clips or adhesives;
  • The integrity of your facial bone structure is maintained by the implants, so you won’t develop the sunken look that can happen after long-term tooth loss;
  • Your smile will be much more visually appealing. This can lead to improved confidence overall;
  • The stability of the implants can make certain phrases and words easier for you to pronounce, boosting the fluency of your speech.

The future

We can replace any number of missing teeth using dental implants in Milton Keynes. So whether you have a small gap in your smile, or you’ve lost all of your teeth after years of decay, we’ll be happy to give you fully-functioning, long-lasting replacements.

What braces?

Yes, that is what people will say when you tell them you are wearing braces, if you choose one of the many discreet options on offer.

The advancement of braces over the past two decades is huge. If you were walking down the street, looking for people wearing braces in Milton Keynes, you would think that the number of users has declined. It is because there are so many different options for hidden braces that you would be inclined to believe the numbers have dropped.

bracesAt Northlight Dental we offer a range of braces in Milton Keynes that will also go unnoticed. Hidden braces can realign your teeth as proficiently and quickly as traditional braces but are virtually impossible to see.

How do I know what braces will work for me?

When you come in for your initial consultation we will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, the position in which they are aligned and how their current functionality is performing. We will then explain which treatments will be best for completing the realignment of your teeth.

The length of time treatment will take and whether you can use an aligner or have a fixed brace all depends on the outcome of this examination. We strongly believe that our patients should be fully aware and understand all the details of the procedure prior to any work being commenced. This is why our dentists are always happy to take the extra time to talk you through the details and listen to your concerns or fears.

The braces in Milton Keynes we have to offer are:

  • Invisalign: these are a set of see-through plastic removable aligners created specifically for your mouth. They are worn over the teeth so they apply a constant pressure that, over time, moves your teeth into the desired position;
  • Discreet fixed braces: these braces use small, translucent brackets and a thin delicate wire and so are as the name suggests, discreet as fixed, front-facing braces can be. They blend into your teeth rather than stand out from them;
  • Lingual fixed braces: the brackets on these braces are fixed behind your teeth so they are almost impossible to see.

After the emergency appointment

So, there you were, face down on the ground with your front teeth on the ground too, but no longer in your mouth, and in bits. There was no way any dentist would be able to put those back in, and so now you have a big gap. You are young. You don’t want to be fiddling around with removable false teeth or having your lovely young teeth on either side of the gap ground down to support a fixed bridge. What are you going to do?

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesThankfully, you live in the 21st century and dental implants in Milton Keynes are available from us at Northlight Dental. In fact, our implant surgeon, Dr Sunil Passan, has plenty of experience in fitting dental implants in Milton Keynes.

Dr Passan graduated as a dentist in 2001, and has obtained further advanced qualifications in the field of dental implants, so you are in safe hands with him.

Being young, you probably don’t know much about dental implants. So, let’s take a quick look at them.

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts or screws that Dr Passan inserts into your jawbone. After the implants are inserted, they integrate with the jawbone over a number of weeks. Once that’s happened, your implants will be held in place as securely as if they were your natural teeth. The crown is made from dental porcelain. If you have a good picture of your teeth, they can be recreated from that, or from an impression if you have one. If not, they will be made to blend with your remaining teeth and no one will know they are not yours.

You may need to replace the crowns after a good few years, but, if you take good care of them, the implants in your jawbone can last for a very long time, maybe even the rest of your life.

So, don’t despair, dental implants in Milton Keynes will make it seem as if that face plant never happened.

Choice of braces in Milton Keynes

Getting your teeth straightened is a big commitment. It involves months of treatment and discipline on your part, and is a big investment for most people in terms of cost. So, you want to know that the benefits are going to be worth it. At Northlight Dental, we have seen time and again how treatment with braces in Milton Keynes can change our patients’ lives.

Even if your teeth are just a bit out of line, having them straightened with braces in Milton Keynes can make a huge difference to how you look, and how you feel about how you look.

Braces in Milton KeynesOne area in which there has been a lot of research and development in the last couple of decades is braces, and there is a now a wide range of devices that can be used to deal with every kind of misalignment issue, from the simple to the very complex.

Braces in Milton Keynes are no longer the preserve of teenagers; more and more adults are using them to correct misalignments that were not fixed when they were younger, or correct teeth that once had braces treatment but have since drifted out of their correct positions.

Here at Northlight Dental, we have a dentist who has postgraduate training in teeth straightening. Dr Neha Passan did her training at Barts and the Royal London Hospital. Dr Passan can help not only with bite realignment but also with more cosmetic issues. Adults with cosmetic realignment issues are interested in having a great smile, and not so much in wearing braces that will compromise their looks, even for a few months.

The dental industry has developed braces that are as discreet as possible to cater to this need for maintaining a professional image among adult braces patients. If you need discreet braces, you can choose between several different devices that feature clear ceramics and tooth-coloured wires, braces on the tongue side of the teeth rather than the outer surfaces, and clear aligners that snap on over the teeth like mouth guards. Not all discreet braces can correct all alignment issues. Dr Passan can guide you into making the right choice for your needs.