Carefully controlled braces

There are ways of having your teeth straightened that don’t rely on highly visible metal appliances. At Northlight Dental, we offer a range of discreet, contemporary braces in Milton Keynes. We can enhance the appearance and function of your teeth without causing you too much visual irritation. Our low-hassle solutions are highly customised and efficient. Meticulous planning and regular checks help us to achieve great control over your progress towards improved dental alignment.

Braces in Milton KeynesLingual braces in Milton Keynes

One way of keeping your treatment hidden from the eyes of others is to use lingual braces in Milton Keynes. These appliances consist of the brackets and wires you’d associate with traditional braces. However, the difference is that we attach them to the insides of your teeth. This means they stay hidden from view, so you can continue to work and socialise without the hassle of visual disruption. Your set of these braces will be custom-made, and brackets made of gold alloy help you to stay comfortable while treatment is ongoing.

Invisible Milton Keynes braces

Another way we can minimise the visual impact of your treatment is to use invisible braces in Milton Keynes. Invisalign is a popular kind of highly discreet realignment appliance. Made entirely of transparent plastic, you wear it over your teeth until you’ve achieved your desired improvement. We use it for a wide range of mild-to-moderate repositioning requirements.

We take detailed 3D images of your mouth and send them to a dental laboratory, who produce for you a series of transparent plastic aligners. For 7-10 days, you’ll wear a pair of these aligners, then discard it and start wearing the next pair in the series. The length of the treatment is highly variable depending on your teeth, in the end, your teeth being transformed into a harmonious smile.

Invisalign doesn’t need to be attached to your teeth, making it very user-friendly for people seeking braces in Milton Keynes. During treatment, you can take care of your oral hygiene and enjoy your meals as normal. Afterwards, we’ll give you a retainer to wear at night. This helps your teeth to become secure in their new positions. You’ll be enjoying your enhanced dental alignment for many years after the treatment is finished.

Time for dental implants

If you have lost one, or multiple teeth, it can be quite a shock. Besides looking significantly different, a gap in the teeth affect your overall oral health. This is when it’s time to consider going for dental implants in Milton Keynes.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesHere at Northlight Dental, we can carefully examine the state of your teeth, and determine if dental implants in Milton Keynes are the solution for you.

When to go for dental implants?

Tooth loss is something most people generally want to avoid, but don’t think about it until it happens. It may due to lack of dental hygiene, causing build up of plaque and increasing risk of gum disease or dental decay which can lead to tooth loss. Or you may look after your teeth perfectly well, but find yourself on the unlucky receiving end of an accident that caused the tooth to be knocked out.

Whatever the cause, you should contact us here at Northlight Dental as soon as possible so we can get you on track to restoring your smile. We will try and see you as promptly as possible. In the meantime, any pain experienced can usually be calmed with over-the-counter medication.

How do dental implants in Milton Keynes work?

First things first, you must book an initial consultation to see if you are suited to treatment. Your treatment plan may depend on how you lost your teeth, the location of the tooth, the number of teeth missing, the amount of damage, and your personal preferences.

Most people are suited to treatment if they are in good oral health. We will take an x-ray of the jaw to ensure that there is enough bone to support the implant, as this is an integral part of the procedure.

The Procedure

Once you have got the green light for treatment, and the plans are in place, the next stage is the surgery. This involves making a small hole into the jaw bone into which the implant is gently inserted. It is not as scary as it sounds and is done after giving the patient a local anesthetic to help numb the pain. It usually takes around three months for the implant fuse with the bone. Finally, the crown is placed onto the implant.


A smile to be proud of

In Milton Keynes, braces are used to sort out people’s misaligned teeth. Here at Northlight Dental, we offer a range of braces to improve the function of people’s teeth, and allow them to smile with confidence.

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets and wires that are placed onto the teeth to gently push and pull them into a better functioning and more aesthetically pleasing position.

Braces in Milton KeynesHow long to straight teeth?

The time that it takes to get straight teeth depends on the number of appointments that are needed which includes follow up appointments to tighten the braces and check everything is on track. The length of treatment will depend on the type of braces in Milton Keynes you receive. You’ll also have come for dental check-ups post treatment, to check everything is looking as it should.

While braces take a bit of getting used to, looking after them soon becomes part of your routine. It will then feel strange when you take them off, and feel the smoothness of your straight teeth.

Braces can feel a bit of a mission, but the results are worth the journey. Some of the benefits of straight teeth include:

  • Improved oral hygiene: with straight teeth, you don’t have to worry about bits of food getting lodged in the nooks and crannies of the teeth. They are generally easier to clean
  • Improved speech: sometimes misaligned teeth can have an effect on how we pronounce certain words
  • Boosting confidence: straight teeth improve the aesthetics of your smile, allowing you to talk and laugh more freely
  • Healthy jaw: some types of misalignment can cause a strain on the jaw. Having straight teeth minimises the risk of jaw troubles.

Who is suitable for braces in Milton Keynes?

Times have changed since only kids could receive braces. Nowadays, it is not too late to for people to boost their confidence and do something about their misaligned teeth. While braces are generally suited to adolescents who have all their adult teeth, the dentist can assess the state of their patients’ teeth and look at the options available to them.

Lost a tooth? Don’t panic. We can implant a new one

Yes, losing a tooth can be a nasty experience. The immediate problem is that you lose proper function of your mouth. Chewing your food is more difficult. Talking sounds weird too, especially if you’ve lost one of the front teeth. What’s more, smiling with a big gap in your teeth can feel embarrassing. You feel self-conscious about your smile, because let’s face it, it doesn’t look good.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesThe long-term problems of missing teeth

The next issue is that missing teeth can have serious implications for your long-term oral health. Leave that missing tooth untreated and you could end up losing more teeth around it. At the very least, the surrounding teeth will start to slide towards the gap left behind by your lost tooth. Dental implants in Milton Keynes can prevent long-term oral health issues that come along with missing teeth.

Jawbone shrinkage as a result of lost teeth

Here’s another problem that can come up with missing teeth. Did you know that they can cause jawbone shrinkage? Your jawbone receives vibrations from your teeth when you chew. Your teeth and jawbone need to be stimulated by chewing in order to stay healthy. When you lose a tooth, your jawbone stops getting vibrations from a tooth in that area. Without this vibrational stimulation, your jawbone thinks it’s not needed anymore. It begins to resorb back into your body where the nutrients can be better used elsewhere. This leaves your jawbone weak and shrunken, it’s what can lead to surrounding teeth becoming loose and eventually falling out if not treated. Luckily, dental implants in Milton Keynes can prevent your jawbone from becoming weak and shrinking by sending these much-needed vibrations to your jawbone when you chew.

How to prevent a weakened jawbone

Here at Northlight Dental, we help our patients to prevent problems that come along with missing teeth by fitting dental implants in Milton Keynes. Dental implants are small titanium replacement tooth roots that are fitted directly into your jawbone. We fit natural-looking crowns on top of them. Once in place they work much like normal teeth. Other people will not be able to tell that you’ve got a dental implant in your mouth.

Braces in Milton Keynes for grown-ups

As an adult, you may believe that the time for straightening your teeth has passed. If you have crooked, crowded, gapped or spaced out teeth, you probably think that it’s just something you are going to have to live with for the rest of your life.

Well, we are here to tell you that this isn’t necessarily the case. At Northlight Dental, we fit many adult patients with braces in Milton Keynes, with great results.

Let’s take a deeper look at how this works.

Braces in Milton KeynesNot just for kids

It is true that complex misalignments of the teeth and jaw are usually fixed during childhood, especially in the UK, as children receive this treatment free on the NHS. As you will no doubt remember from school, braces start appearing around the age of nine, and are usually worn for two years sometime between then and the mid-teens. This is because the jawbone doesn’t set solid until we reach adulthood, so it can be realigned up until the age of 18.

After 18, we can’t move the jaw. But, what we can do is shift the teeth within the jaw. This is where adult braces in Milton Keynes come in.

We aren’t going to lie to you, treatment with braces in Milton Keynes can take a while, even for adults. Some procedures take up to two years. But when you consider that, for a year or two of wearing braces, you can have a lifetime of happy smiles, it’s so worth it. And unlike other tooth modifications, braces don’t affect the structure of your tooth.

All well and good, you may say, but what about how the braces look? No grown up wants to be teased with taunts of ‘brace face’. The good news is, that we offer discreet braces in Milton Keynes, meaning no one will know you are having treatment.

This includes lingual braces that fit to the back of the teeth, Invisalign clear aligners that fit over the teeth like a mouth guard and are transparent, and clear and tooth-coloured fixed braces that blend into the teeth, rather than stand out from them.

You can get your smile back with dental implants in Milton Keynes

It’s not just the elderly who lose teeth. Teeth can get knocked out in an accident, while playing sport or fall out as the result of ill health or medication. Young people can also fall prey to the pains of missing teeth.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesIf you choose not to have your tooth replaced, it leads to one set of difficulties:

  • the jawbone loses density at the site of a lost tooth
  • missing a number of teeth can cause your face to sag
  • you will start to favour one side of your mouth for biting into and chewing food. This will cause uneven wear on your remaining teeth and could even lead to further premature tooth loss
  • and then there is the social and self-esteem aspect. It could be that you don’t mind your gappy grin. Or maybe you do, and you choose not to smile or laugh in public, or you cover your mouth, because you don’t want others to see it
  • and maybe you don’t feel so great about yourself, seeing the empty space in your smile in the bathroom mirror.

If you do get them replaced with a bridge or partial denture, there’s a whole other set of issues to contend with:

  • the jawbone will still lose its density and structure. It needs roots to maintain these
  • bridges normally require neighbouring, healthy teeth to be ground down to secure them in place
  • dentures can affect speech, become loose and have to be taken out to clean. They also restrict food choices, because they only give about 25% of the chewing power of a natural tooth. Plus, keeping your teeth by the side of your bed at night can make you feel old before your time.

Fortunately, there is a way to replace missing teeth that overcomes all these issues: dental implants in Milton Keynes.

Because dental implants in Milton Keynes replace the root as well as the crown, the jawbone rebuilds itself around the implant, restoring its density and structure. Neighbouring teeth aren’t affected by implants, and speech and chewing power are also restored to natural levels.

The balance of your bite is back, and you’ll have a smile you can feel proud of again. Find out more here at Northlight Dental.

Braces for better smiles

Here at Northlight Dental we offer modern teeth straightening with braces in Milton Keynes. If you have irregularities in the alignment of your teeth, whether it’s crowding, gaps, leaning too far in or out, or just a little twisting, braces in Milton Keynes can fix the problem.

Look great, feel healthy

Braces are great for improving the look and health of your smile. Having a set of straight teeth can help with your oral hygiene as straighter teeth are easier to clean. Investing in teeth straightening treatment with braces in Milton Keynes can help keep your teeth in good shape for longer.

Braces in Milton KeynesBraces at any age to fit your lifestyle

Braces can be used by children and adults alike. If you are an adult who would like their teeth to be straighter but don’t want to sport the ‘metal mouth’ look, we have a fantastic range of modern braces designed to fit in with your lifestyle more discreetly. These include fixed and removable options, some of which are tooth-coloured or clear.

Braces to help you feel your best

Having a beautiful smile represents happiness, confidence and success. The effects of a good-looking smile can be priceless in your private and professional life. Straightening your teeth with braces in Milton Keynes is one way to give your smile that extra boost.

Braces in Milton Keynes designed for you

Here at Northlight Dental, we offer a wide range of modern solutions to straighten your teeth. Each person is different. So when you come to visit us for a consultation, we will examine your teeth carefully and help you choose the right braces for your circumstances.

Our range of discreet braces

Fixed braces

Our modern fixed braces are made of tooth-coloured, low profile brackets and wires. The brackets are fixed onto your teeth. A smooth, thin wire is laced between them.

Lingual fixed braces

Similar to regular fixed braces, these are fixed to the backs of your teeth making them hard for onlookers to spot.


Invisalign aligners are almost invisible as they are made from clear plastic. They are also removable and discreet. They fit snugly over your teeth and guide them into straighter positions over around 12 months.

Replacing teeth, restoring function

No matter where in your mouth you lose a tooth from, there are good reasons to replace it as soon as possible, and the most effective form of tooth replacement is dental implants in Milton Keynes.

Why you need all your teeth

Teeth at the front of the mouth play a vital role in smiling, speaking and biting. People who lose their front teeth are generally keen to get them replaced as soon as possible. Teeth at the sides and back of the mouth play an important role in chewing. With both cases, the gaps left by lost teeth provide space for the neighbouring teeth to drift and topple into, so it’s important to get those gaps filled as soon as possible.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesMeet the surgeon

Dental implants in Milton Keynes are available from us at Northlight Dental, where we have implant surgeon, Dr Sunil Passan, who is also trained in dental sedation.


Dr Passan knows that many people find the prospect of having dental implants pretty daunting, but it need not be. We fit dental implants under local anaesthetic because there are far fewer nerve endings in the jawbone than in the teeth, so the area is easy to numb. However, numbing is not relaxation and that is why we also offer intravenous sedation. It will make you drowsy. You may even sleep through much of the treatment, although you can be roused if we need to talk to you.

The benefits of dental implants in Milton Keynes

Dental implants offer greater stability than dentures or bridges because they are fixed into the jawbone. This means that you can continue to eat whatever you like, instead of having to adjust to a soft food diet. It also means you don’t need to worry about embarrassing moments when your replacement teeth don’t stay still.

Dental implants also tend to last quite a bit longer than more old-fashioned alternatives. You can expect them to be functional for and with the correct maintenance quite probably decades. You may need to replace the crowns, which come as attachments to the posts embedded into your jawbone.

Say hello to straight teeth

Crooked teeth can have quite a negative effect on your self-confidence, especially in an era where alignment correction is so easily available. Gone are the days when most people had wonky teeth. Now most people, even those over 60, have great smiles. It’s becoming harder and harder to have misaligned teeth and not feel self-conscious about them.

Braces in Milton KeynesBut, for adults, there is also the consideration of feeling self-conscious about wearing braces, devices that still carry a stigma of nerdy, unattractive adolescence. Billy No Mates who is very good at maths but not at making friends. Not a great association for people dealing with the public in some way, or those in positions of authority.

Here at Northlight Dental, we offer braces in Milton Keynes to help you achieve a lovely straight set of teeth without months of self-consciousness and discomfort during treatment.

We have a range of braces in Milton Keynes to suit every lifestyle, every budget.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are great for moving teeth in three dimensions. The ones we use feature clear ceramic brackets that are strung through with fine, tooth-coloured wire. They blend in with the teeth rather than standing out from them.

Lingual braces

These fixed braces in Milton Keynes are fixed to the tongue side of the teeth. They are great for complex alignment issues.


These are a different way to straighten teeth with braces in Milton Keynes. Instead of brackets and wire they feature very thin, see-through plastic aligners that look like mouth guards. A series of them, each one worn for 1-2 weeks, use built-in pressure points to gently guide the teeth into alignment. Two big pluses come with clear aligners. They are very hard to see once they are in place, and they are removable for eating, drinking and cleaning. They do require discipline however, and need to be worn for at least 20 hours a day if treatment is to stay on schedule.

Which one is right for you?

Come in for a consultation with Dr Neha Passan, our specialist orthodontist, who will be able to advise on which system will work best for your needs.

How we help you to relax about dental implants in Milton Keynes

When we are stressed, our sympathetic nervous system is activated. This is the one that controls the fight, flight or freeze response. This can happen in response to imagined stress as well as actual situations. Not only does this feel tense and overstimulating, it can also affect the body’s healing abilities as it diverts resources to areas that are essential for response to common dangers. All this means that, the more relaxed you are when you are approaching a dental treatment, the better. When you have decided to get a treatment that can seem daunting at first, like dental implants in Milton Keynes, Northlight Dental is here to reassure you and give you all the information that you need to relax.

Dental Implants in Milton KeynesWhat can we do to help?

Just as everyone’s stress triggers are slightly different, what someone needs to relax can also vary from person to person. That’s why, when you get dental implants in Milton Keynes with Northlight Dental, the first thing that we do is talk through the procedure with you. We can get an idea of your expectations and any concerns that you have. In many cases, we can reduce your anxiety straight away by giving you the right information about dental implants in Milton Keynes.

Even when people have not heard anything specific about difficulty with dental implants, it’s easy for fears to creep in when it comes to dental treatment. Patients often worry about pain, how long their treatment will take, how much it will cost and how much it will negatively their lives in the short term.

Getting dental implants in Milton Keynes involves a minor surgical procedure that does not cause any discomfort. There can be some aching, light bleeding and bruising immediately afterwards but nothing that cannot be addressed with regular painkillers in most cases. The whole thing takes just a few hours at our dental clinic and then a period of healing with only minor precautions that you need to take. We give you the advice you need to integrate the healing process into your normal lifestyle as much as possible.