Should I get braces in Milton Keynes?

Here at Northlight Dental, we know that getting braces in Milton Keynes is an effective method of improving the appearance of your smile. So when asked whether the results of braces are worth the extensive treatment and expense, our answer is “absolutely”.


What are some of the benefits of fixing an orthodontic issue?

Patients straighten their teeth for a number of different reasons, ranging from aesthetic to medical. In all cases, having braces can be beneficial for your mouth in the long run.

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth, as having straight teeth means that your brush can reach those hard-to-reach spaces where bacteria can hide. Therefore, with straight teeth more bacteria can be removed when you brush and floss. In the long-term, this means that you are less at risk for tooth decay or gum disease.

Malocclusion, also known as bad bites, is a condition when your upper and lower jaw do not meet when they are clenched together. This can create significant problems as far as chewing, biting, and talking is concerned. Having braces in Milton Keynes will repair bad bites, as well as move your teeth into a straighter position.

What types of braces in Milton Keynes are available to me?

The straightening aid that is most suitable for you depends on both your orthodontic issues and personal preferences. A device that has worked for others might not deliver desirable results for your particular problem, which is why different options should be considered.

We offer the following types of orthodontic appliances from which to choose, which we will briefly discuss below. For more information, book a visit with one of our highly skilled and experienced orthodontists.

Fixed Metal Braces

Modern-day braces have been revolutionised and are more streamlined than ever before. These consist of small brackets that are glued to your teeth with a thin archwire looping through them. They pull the teeth, slowly but surely, into the correct position. Treatment time may vary according to the nature of your issue, but usually lasts between six months and two years, or longer if your case is particularly complicated.

Lingual Braces

Many individuals prioritise a discreet appearance, and for situations such as these we usually recommended lingual braces. The appliance is custom made to fit the back of your teeth and out of plain sight, providing excellent results. Some customers may experience a small degree of discomfort when the metal of the appliance occasionally rubs against the tongue.


Invisalign is an alignment system that moves teeth using multiple aligner trays. These trays, being made from clear plastic, boast a design which is desirable for those who need braces but wish to be discreet about it. As well as its practically invisible appearance, Invisalign delivers satisfying results where straight teeth and a beautiful smile are top priorities. In the making of Invisalign or invisible braces, oral health is taken into consideration as the aligners can be removed for teeth cleaning purposes. That way, you can brush your teeth as you usually would, with the absence of wires and brackets.