Signs, Causes and Solutions for Receding Gums

Are your teeth longer than the usual? Or do you feel as if your teeth are sensitive or about to fall? If you experience these things, it only means that your gums are receding.

Dentists in Milton KeynesGum recession is a gradual phenomenon that may cause serious dental problems. Gums are the only things that bind your teeth to your mouth, so their loss may lead to tooth loss. Since your teeth’s roots are exposed, these will become more vulnerable to decay-causing bacteria.

It is important to know its causes to prevent its effects. Oral health experts cite some factors that lead to receding gums:

Gum Disease

Plaque will linger in your mouth when you do not clean it properly. It becomes tartar, a hard bacteria build-up in your gums that will destroy tissue and supporting bone that keep your teeth and gums intact.

Poor oral hygiene

Your gums may recede early if you brush or floss your teeth aggressively or inadequately. Brush your teeth with the right force and direction.


Some people are more likely to develop gum disease and recession because of their genetic makeup, regardless of whether they practice proper oral care or not.


Changes in hormones may cause gums to become more sensitive and predisposed to gum recession. Females undergoing puberty, pregnancy and menopause are more likely to develop receding gums.


You will more likely suffer from receding gums early if you smoke. Nicotine from tobacco products leaves a sticky plaque on teeth and contributes to gum recession. Piercings in your mouth and tongue may irritate your gums, causing them to wear out.

Oral habits and condition

Oral habits like teeth clenching and grinding put too much force on your teeth and gums, causing them to recede. The same thing happens when you have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. Since your teeth are not in their optimal position, you may end up putting too much pressure on your gums and bones.

Whilst gum recession is preventable with proper oral care, the right habits and lifestyle, dental treatments are still necessary especially for worse cases. Dentists in Milton Keynes can give you advice and treatment if you have receding gums. Visit us or give us a call for more information.