What are the advantages of choosing lingual braces?

The first thought that comes to mind when our patients find out that they need to wear braces is the impression they fear it will create in others, seeing the very visible metal teeth-correcting device fixed to the patient’s teeth. A patient’s suitability for a particular type of teeth-correcting device most often depends on the severity of that patient’s teeth alignment issue. Of a whole range of braces in Milton Keynes to choose from, one option that can be relied upon to correct minor and more complex orthodontic cases is the fixed wire and brackets teeth-correcting system.


For patients with orthodontic issues that require significant tooth movement to correct, fixed dental devices are often their best option. But patients need no longer be self-conscious about having to wear these devices. They can opt for an orthodontic treatment plan that hides the fixed dental device behind the teeth.

3 benefits of lingual braces

Where once the only option for patients were the metal devices attached to the front of the teeth for everyone to see, now with the availability of lingual braces in Milton Keynes patients can receive all the advantages offered by traditional dental devices, but without them being highly visible.

  • Low profile

Unlike traditional fixed devices that are placed at the front of teeth, lingual teeth-correcting devices feature a unique position and design. They are attached to the back of teeth, which is mainly why they are barely distinguishable by others. This makes these dental devices particularly desirable to teenagers and those who work in high profile or client-facing roles.

Another benefit to these dental devices being placed behind the teeth is that patients avoid the white spots that form on teeth, which can happen when braces are fixed to the front of the teeth.

  • Custom-made

These braces in Milton Keynes are especially designed for an individual patient’s mouth. This may mean increased comfort for patients; however, considering that they are tailor-made, this option may come with an increase in costs.

  • Usefulness

One of the top reasons to choose these fixed lingual braces is their effectiveness in treating a variety of orthodontic issues.

  • No fear of losing the braces

A worry for patients who use removable aligner trays is the risk of losing them or forgetting to reinsert them after taking them out to eat or to clean their teeth.  Not wearing the aligners for the recommended length of time will affect the treatment outcome. This fear is nullified with lingual braces. As they are fixed to teeth, there is less chance of them being lost.

As with many types of dental treatments, there are certain pros and cons attached to each. In the case of lingual braces, patients should factor in the following challenges that may be experienced:

  • Patients may experience speech challenges during the adjustment period.
  • Patients should expect some level of discomfort that varies from patient to patient. This indicates the shifting of teeth.
  • There will be food restrictions to protect the wires and brackets from damage.
  • More effort is required to clean teeth and gums.

A patient interested in this type of orthodontic option will need their suitability assessed by a dentist. Contact Northlight Dental today to arrange a consultation and find the right orthodontic treatment for your needs.