When to choose dental implants in Milton Keynes

If you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, then you should consider investing in dental implants in Milton Keynes. Teeth are designed to work together, so when one or several teeth are removed from the equation, the remainder of your teeth and your oral health will suffer.


Dental implants in Milton Keynes can last for decades when cared for properly. There is no need to worry about what you eat or the bone density of your jawbone receding when choosing this option to replace your teeth.

What is this about bone density?

We have found that many of our patients do not understand the importance of jawbone density until it is too late. When we lose a tooth, several teeth or more commonly, when we replace all of our teeth with dentures, our body begins to change.

The jawbone will always continue to grow whilst it is stimulated to do so. Natural teeth normally do this and it is only when we remove teeth do we begin to notice otherwise. Dentures, which sit on the gums cannot provide the correct form of stimulation to your jawbone and so your body no longer expends the required energy to do so.

As dental implants in Milton Keynes actually replace the tooth root as well as the visible tooth, then stimulation and bone density is sustained.

Without sufficient bone density, dentures can begin to slip and slide in your mouth. This can lead to sores and lesions as well as embarrassing situations or an inability to eat and speak properly. Remaining teeth can also be impaired should the density of your jawbone be reduced and you can also feel that your face prematurely ages as your cheeks are drawn inwards and downwards.

Is there a solution once it has begun?

We are not all doom and gloom here and yes, we can help you to restore jawbone volume if we have found that your jawbone has begun to recede.

If you are looking to stabilise your dentures or replace some missing teeth with this treatment, then it is important that you have an appropriate amount of bone volume in your jaw to increase the likelihood of success.

By providing a bone graft or a sinus lift, we can replace lost bone with either human, animal or synthetic bone. After a predetermined amount of time, we monitor the healing process before looking to continue on the treatment plan with providing tooth implants or inviting you to stabilise your dentures with the all-on-four system that we have available.

This is a modernised and comfortable way in which to enjoy an improved quality of life. This treatment comes with an extremely high success rate and has no upper age limit. As long as you are relatively healthy with no reason that could impede your healing abilities, we should be able to bring your smile back to full functionality yet again.