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Price Guide 2020

Please note all prices are intended as a guide only. You will be provided with an extensive fee schedule prior to the commencement of any treatment.

Examinations and Consultations   Price
New Patient Examination (Including initial 2D x-rays) £86.00
Routine Examination £52.00
Children's Examination (0-6 years) Free
Children's Examination (7-12 years) £14.00
Children's Examination (13-18 years) £20.00
Emergency Appointment (non-registered adult) £75.00 (Including initial 2D x-rays)
Any treatment required will be charged as an additional fee
Small x-rays £12.00
Large (Panoral) x-ray £50.00
3D CBCT Scan £120.00
Hygiene Appointments
Short Hygiene Appointment (20 minutes) £36.00
Hygiene Maintenance Visit (30 minutes) £64.00
New Patient/Extended Hygiene Maintenance (45 minutes) £96.00
Extensive Hygiene Visit (One Hour) £128.00
Direct Access Hygienist Visit £96.00
Dental Implants
Initial Implant Consultation (Including initial 2D x-rays) £75.00
Comprehensive Implant Assessment (Including 3D CBCT Scan) £285.00
Implant (including crown) From £2,800.00
Initial Assessment (Adults) £75.00
Initial Assessment (Children) £35.00
Fixed stainless steel (metal) braces £3,200.00
Fixed ceramic (tooth-coloured) braces £3,700.00
Fixed upper ceramic, lower stainless steel £3,500,00
Fixed lingual braces £6,500.00
Invisalign full £4,250.00
Invisalign lite £3,650.00
Invisalign express £2,250.00
(Adult treatment fee includes 3 sets of Invisalign made retainers & fixed bonded retainers if clinically indicated)
Fixed stainless-steel braces £2,500.00
Fixed ceramic braces £3,500.00
Fixed upper ceramic, lower stainless steel £3,000,00
Invisalign teen £3,700.00
Treatment fee includes 1 set of clear removable retainers & fixed bonded retainers if clinically indicated
Clear removable retainers £150 per upper & lower set (£75 each)
Clear removable Invisalign made retainers £300 for 3 sets (£50 each) Upper & lower
Fixed bonded retainer £200 each
Restorative Treatment
Amalgam (metal) filings From £63.00
Composite (white) fillings From £84.00
Children’s fillings From £35.00
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Consultation £75.00
Incisor/Canine £462.00
Premolar £572.00
Molar £682.00
Re-Root treatment An Additional £85.00
Prosthodontic Treatment
Prosthodontic Consultation £75.00
Full Assessment (For Smile Makeover and Rehabilitation Cases) £350.00 (Includes all radiographs)
Crowns £800.00
Inlays/Onlays £750.00
Veneers £900.00
Bridges (Per Unit) £800.00
Soft Occlusal Splint £350.00
Hard Occlusal Splint £650.00
Sports Mouth Guard From £85.00
Tooth Whitening
Home whitening treatment £420.00
Top-up syringes (appointment required) £30.00
Partial Acrylic (1-3 Teeth or Immediate) £450.00
Partial Acrylic (4 or More Teeth) £650.00
Full Acrylic (Upper or Lower) £750.00
Full Acrylic (Both Upper and Lower) £1400.00
Partial Chrome (Upper or Lower) £1200.00
Periodontal Treatment
Full Periodontal Assessment £160.00
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment Session per hour £380.00
Surgical Periodontal Treatment Session per hour From £550.00
Oral Hygiene Maintenance Session £100.00
Periodontal Reassessment Session £120.00
Oral Surgery
Oral Surgeon Consultation £75.00
Routine Extraction £160.00
Surgical Extraction £250.00
Wisdom/Impacted Tooth Extraction £300.00
Treatment for Nervous Patients
Nervous Patient Consultation with Treatment Coordinator Complimentary
Nervous Patient Consultation with Dentist £75.00
Intravenous Sedation £250.00 per hour