Smile Design

Claire's Story

Claire had been considering improving the appearance of her teeth for a number of years. After her cosmetic consultation she opted for a Smile-Makeover treatment using porcelain veneers. Hear more about her treatment journey in the video below…

The Smile-Trial process is an integral part of our makeover treatments. We take photos of your teeth as they currently are and then digitally enhance them to provide you with a real appreciation of how the final result will look.

Before case1 before
After case1 after
Before case1 before
After case1 after
Makeover case 1
Before case2 before
After case2 after

This patient disliked the colour of his old crowns and teeth in general. Following a course of tooth whitening treatment, his old metal-ceramic crowns were replaced with modern all-porcelain replacements.

Makeover case 2
Before case3 before
After case3 after

This lady had started to feel very self-conscious about her front teeth. Her old crowns showed dark margins and she also hated the shape and colour. Replacement crowns and new veneers were designed that vastly improved the overall aesthetics of her smile.

Makeover case 3
Before case4 before
After case4 after
Before case4 before
After case4 after

This patient had old bridges that left her with an unsightly space between her upper front teeth. New bridges with improved contours were made and the space was eliminated completely.

Makeover case 4
Before case5 before
After case5 after

This gentleman had suffered trauma to his upper front teeth a number of years ago. With time his upper left central incisor had become very discoloured. We used a combination of an all-porcelain crown and dental bonding techniques to mask the discolouration and give him back confidence in his smile.